Issue 136: What social network delivers the most engagement?

Google Ads turns 20 🎉

Ad spend on e-commerce channels is seeing massive growth, why performance marketing KPIs are outdated, important trends and changes to the Google Ads platform, the social networks B2B marketers are using the most, why big brands are investing more in digital for results and transparency, how marketers are finding success with existing clients, the power of combining content with marketing automation, and the future of content marketing.

Growth Rate for Ad Spending On E-Commerce Sites Will Max Out in 2020

Advertising on e-commerce sites and apps is expected to increase 38% from last year with a forecasted total of $17.37 billion spend. The forecast from eMarketer suggests the pandemic is a major reason for this massive growth and expects it to slow down in 2021. So, who is reaping the benefits of all that growth? Amazon, of course, as they represent 75.7% of the total e-commerce ad spend market.

Social Media Managers are Underpaid, Understaffed, and Overworked

While social media platforms have become an important part of how most companies operate, the ones overseeing these social accounts are not getting the credit they deserve. Social media managers are tasked with keeping a social community engaged, informed, and happy. They also double as customer service specialists since it’s the easiest way for consumers to reach a brand and get a quick response. It’s about time the people behind these accounts get the recognition they deserve.

Your Performance Marketing KPIs are Obsolete

Cookies will soon be a thing of the past and marketers are going to need to change how and what they’re measuring when it comes to advertising. Don’t panic— these “new” metrics are probably things you already track but have paid less attention to. Instead of focusing on CTR and CPMs, marketers should consider shifting that focus on overlooked metrics like bounce rate, time spent, and cost-per-click.

Google Ads Turns 20: The Most Important Trends and Changes of the Past 5 Years

It’s been 20 years since Google Ads became a thing and a lot has changed since its launch. Marketing Land shares the biggest platform changes and trends in the last five years to show where Google Ads is currently at and where it’s headed in the future.

The Social Networks Used Most by B2B Marketers

It’s no surprise that LinkedIn is the most used social network by B2B marketers. According to a survey from Sagefrog, marketers see the most engagement on LinkedIn. But that doesn’t mean they’re not investing in other channels. Following LinkedIn, B2B marketers are also using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to engage with consumers.

Big Brands Increase Digital Ad Spend To Drive Results & Transparency

While marketing has been thrown for a loop this year, some brands are making significant investments in digital advertising. Big brand names like Procter & Gamble, Under Armour, and Pepsi are shifting their advertising strategy to accommodate consumers’ privacy demands and still make a positive business impact.

Marketers Looking to Leverage Business from Existing Clients to Overcome COVID-19 Struggles

RSW recently published a report that cites 64% of marketers have found success leveraging their existing clients over the last 5 months. Referrals, networking, and organic search were also among the top tactics. The report reiterates how important it is to maintain relationships with clients beyond making the initial sale— especially in today’s world.

How Content and Marketing Automation Can Maximize Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Creating content is one piece of the content marketing puzzle. Distributing that content to maximize ROI is the other. This infographic from Social Media Today shares how to combine content and marketing automation to maximize your success.

The Future of Content Marketing?

Content, like most things in marketing, is shifting. Here’s some advice from marketing experts to help you create great content over and over again. Some of this advice includes: always telling the truth, be proactive, be purposeful, and create inclusivity.

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