Issue 137: Why you should be running ad experiments 🧪

Marketers are having a hard time letting third-party cookies go 🍪.

Research on the state of content marketing, tech giants see massive growth gains, why marketers should be running advertising experiments, what media spend around the world currently looks like, marketers’ views on saying goodbye to third-party cookies, a killer SaaS demand generation guide, and how to get immediate results from new content.

Branded Content Project Releases Research on State of Content Marketing in 2020

Research from the Branded Content Project states content marketing will become a bigger priority in 2021. When compared to other marketing areas this year, content marketing spend is projected to decrease just 1.5%. The report covered the content marketing landscape, what types of industries will use content marketing the most, and the different types of media.

Social Platforms' Explosive Revenue Growth Signals Pandemic Weight on Digital has Lifted

Tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest recently released their Q3 earnings. The result? Each company saw significant jumps in revenue suggesting a shift back (and even a boost) to business as usual amid the pandemic. Pinterest saw the most growth with a 58% year-on-year revenue growth.

Marketers Underuse Ad Experiments. That’s a Big Mistake.

TL;DR— marketers should be experimenting more with their digital advertising. We’re always testing out new website designs and layouts, so why not take that same approach with advertising? This article dives into why and how to implement digital advertising experiments into your strategy.

How Total Media Ad Spend is Poised to Shake Out Around the World

Worldwide ad spend is expected to make a full recovery by next year with total spend reaching $691.5 billion. Insider Intelligence reported that 36 out of the 37 tracked markets will report negative growth for 2020. China is the exception with a small positive growth of 0.3%. The report also notes the US market is in better shape than expected while the market in Spain took a bigger hit.

Marketers Pessimistic About Third-Party Cookie Changes

67% of marketers are not on board with the plan to deprecate third-party web cookies. The report from Publicis’ Epsilon shares insights on marketers’ perception of these cookie changes, along with their concerns and preparations for a post-cookie internet.

B2B SaaS Demand Generation Explained

This guide does a great job of explaining demand generation and it’s a framework that can be applied across different types of businesses. Alex Kracov, VP of Marketing at Lattice, dives into his thought process behind the “demand generation engine”, complete with a detailed explanation and a visual depiction.

How to Immediately Profit From Your Next Piece of Content

All marketers know that content is only as good as the people who actually see it. This guide shares how you can gain immediate results from new content through outreach campaigns. Outreach campaigns offer quick wins and more leads in addition to the long-term content strategies like SEO.

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