Issue 135: And the world’s most influential CMO is… 👑

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by Melina Panitsidis on October 21, 2020 - 2 minute read

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Who doesn’t love a good laugh when they’re down?

This week: the weird year marketing has had, the most influential CMOs, reinventing the CMO role, the marketoonist on marketing humor, and why we need digital ad transparency ASAP.

What a Long, Strange Year in Digital Marketing

2020 catapulted B2B marketing into a world of change— some good and some bad. Executives from HubSpot, Adobe, and Topo share their insights and experience on when the crisis hit, how it impacted sales and marketing, what changes are here to stay, and the holiday season ahead.

The World's 50 Most Influential CMOs in 2020

Research from Forbes, Sprinklr, and LinkedIn has crowned Apple’s Phil Schiller as the most influential CMO this year. Rankings were based on three criteria: brand performance, personal influence, and industry and internal influence. Industries with the most CMOs on the list were tech, financial services, and restaurants.

CMOs Will Need to Reinvent Roles as Pandemic's Impact Endures

According to research from Forrester, CMOs will need to make the customer experience a central part of their role. Focusing strictly on promotional strategies is no longer an option if brands want to survive and thrive. While marketers face many new challenges, the two biggest concerns in the industry are determining which customer behaviors are temporary and the decline in consumer spend.

Marketoonist On Humour in Marketing: It Can Be an Act of Empathy

We’ve all seen the fun, witty, and spot on work of the Marketoonist, Tom Fishburne. Here he’s drawing us a different picture. Fishburne explains why marketers shouldn’t shy away from humor— especially during uncertain times— and how it can actually be an act of empathy for more effective communication.

We Need Universal Digital Ad Transparency Now

We’ve needed this for a while but recent research has really driven the point home. The 15 researchers who participated in this study have created a detailed new standard to bring more transparency to digital advertising in order to reduce its potentially harmful effects.