Issue 152: Livestream shopping: marketing’s newest extreme sport

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by Melina Panitsidis on May 26, 2021 - 4 minute read

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This month we’re covering the rise of shoppable livestreams, OOH’s impression-based measurement system, Twitter’s subscription pricing model, marketing skills you need to thrive, and where consumer confidence levels currently sit.

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What's Old is New: Brands Craving Connection with Consumers Turn to Livestreaming

TL;DR—Shoppable livestreams is a multi-billion dollar market in China and the trend is making its way over to the US. By 2023, experts expect the livestream shopping market to reach $25 billion in the US. Influencers will be a big part of this market as brands will partner with them to showcase their products. The momentum of live content streams came from consumers visiting physical stores less during the pandemic. However, the trends show that livestreams will continue to be a big part of brands’ strategy post-pandemic.

Out-of-Home Ads Shift From Exposure to Impressions-Based Measurements

TL;DRImpression-based measurement for OOH ads has arrived. While OOH advertising declined by 29% in 2020, it’s expected to significantly recover this year. The guidelines for the new measurement system will use a new core metric dubbed “opportunity to see” (OTS). The system is a step in helping brands better quantify and understand the impact of their OOH campaigns.

Twitter is Reportedly Working on a New Set of Paid Tweet Options Under a Monthly Subscription Model

TL;DRThe social media giant is looking to launch “Twitter Blue” which will be a subscription based account for users to access an exclusive set of features. A complete list of these exclusive features is still under works based off of a survey Twitter conducted last year. The fee for these features will be $2.99 to start but the tech company is also working on a tier-based subscription model.

Industry Leaders On Future Trends and the Skills Marketers Will Need to Thrive

TL;DRWhat will marketers need to move the needle for their brands and their career? That’s what The Festival of Marketing’s ‘Fast Forward’ event will cover. You’re in luck though because Marketing Week reached out to six industry leaders set to take the stage at the June event to get their insights on skills marketers should grow, role-defining trends, and how to set their brands up for future success.

Lockdown Easing Lifts Consumer Confidence to Pre-Lockdown Levels

TL;DRConsumer confidence is officially on the up! According to the latest GfK Consumer Confidence Index, confidence among consumers is back to pre-lockdown levels. Since April, the index has increased by 6 points which reflects the upward trend that was reflected in the previous index from GfK. The hope is that consumer confidence will reach a positive score by the end of the year.


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