Issue 150: Pac-man, pizza, and augmented reality

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by Melina Panitsidis on March 31, 2021 - 4 minute read

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And just like that, it’s goodbye Q1— hello Q2! Is it just me or did the first quarter of the year fly by?

This month in marketing news there’s a new coalition calling for a ban on surveillance advertising, Twitter is set on testing a new paid model on its platform, Pizza Hut’s newest marketing campaign that lets you play Pac-Man on a pizza box, the EU’s latest investigation into Google, and Snapchat’s latest partnership to sell local ads to businesses across the US and Canada.


This Group Wants to ‘Ban Surveillance Advertising’

TL;DR— There’s a new coalition aiming to ban surveillance advertising once and for all. The group posted an open letter that explains how surveillance advertising is not only benefiting tech giants like Facebook and Google, but also harming society. The letter states that this ad model “stokes discrimination, division, and delusion” because it is in the tech giants’ financial interests. You can read the full letter here.

Considering the Potential of 'Super Followers' on Twitter

TL;DR— Twitter is testing the paid subscription waters with the development of “Super Followers.” The idea is that super followers pay a small fee to gain access to exclusive platform features such as newsletters, gated content, deals, and discounts. The social platform has been a free service since it was created so it will be interesting to see if a paid model will take off among its user base.

You Can Now Play Pac-Man on the Side of a Pizza Hut Box Through Augmented Reality

TL;DRInnovative marketing spotlight: Pizza Hut! The chain is combining the power of QR codes and augmented reality for its latest nostalgia inspired marketing campaign. Pizza Hut is combining a classic part of its brand with new technology to bring a new, yet familiar digital consumer experience. And the augmented reality play is no coincidence since the events of last year have made real-life experiences difficult.

Google Faces ‘Very Large’ EU Advertising Probe, Vestager Says

TL;DRGoogle is facing a huge investigation into its advertising business in the EU. Margrethe Vestager, the European Union Competition Commissioner stated that they’re focusing on technology because the last year has significantly changed habits. According to Vestager, the goal of the investigation is to ensure the marketplace is fair. Google has already paid 9 billion € from 3 previous antitrust investigations.

Gannett's Partnership With Snap On Local Ad Sales Looks Promising

TL;DRSnapchat is teaming up with Gannett to sell ads to local businesses across North America. This unlikely partnership gives Gannett new ad sales opportunities while Snapchat benefits from increased awareness among small local business owners.


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