Issue 151: Influencer marketing is enjoying its 15 minutes

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by Melina Panitsidis on April 28, 2021 - 4 minute read

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Can you even believe it’s gonna be May? (insert *NSYNC meme here)

This month explores how ad targeting is changing, the two channels that make up the majority of marketers’ ad budgets, the rise in consumer confidence, the first ever report on brand safety performance of digital platforms, and Amazon’s rollout of a new email marketing tool.

Let’s dive in.


What’s Next for PRAM as Ad Targeting Fundamentally Changes?

TL;DR—When the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media (PRAM) first formed, their mission was to create a way to serve targeted ads that baked in privacy standards. The overall hope was to maintain the third-party cookie’s functionality. However, PRAM has changed course to support three ad targeting scenarios that include: user-consented IDs, cohort-level data, and contextual data.

Branded Content, Influencer Marketing Make Up Biggest Slice of Digital Ad Budgets

TL;DR—20% of ad budgets are being poured into branded content and influencer marketing. Together, they account for more of a marketer’s budget than channels like paid search, paid social, and video. A study from Advertiser Perceptions found that this approach shows the human elements of a brand while also driving brand awareness.

Confidence Edges Up But Consumers Remain Cautious

TL;DR—The latest Consumer Confidence Index from GfK shows that consumer confidence has increased, but we’re not exactly out of the woods yet. Covid variants, inflation, and debt are some consumer concerns that are impacting their outlook. The good news is that there is more optimism across the board than there has been in the last year.

Marketers Must Keep ‘Laser Focus’ On Digital Brand Safety

TL;DR—Last week the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) launched its first ever brand safety performance report. The report tracks brand safety performance of digital platforms while also setting specific progress benchmarks. While this report is a great tool for marketers to analyze and track brand safety across platforms, they’ll still need to keep a close eye.

Amazon Lets Advertisers Send Targeted Messages For First Time

TL;DR—Amazon is rolling out a new email marketing tool that will allow sellers to contact customers directly. The announcement came at exactly the right time as behavioral targeting tactics are becoming more and more of a challenge. The tech giant stated that contact info will be kept private and sellers will get basic email data such as number sent and responses.


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