Issue 122: What won consumers over in Q2? Purpose-driven advertising

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by Melina Panitsidis on July 8, 2020 - 3 minute read

How many marketing emails are you subscribed to? Be honest.

The boycott on Facebook advertising, critical marketing metrics to measure right now, turning SaaS trial users into paying customers, using customer empathy in marketing, why users subscribe and unsubscribe from marketing emails, applying a test and learn approach to your marketing strategy, and how to create informative marketing reports.

Ads for Purpose, Product Topped Q2's Most Empowering Ranking

Purpose and product driven ads are what won people over in Q2 as the pandemic unfolded. Some examples of this were Frito Lay’s “It’s about people” campaign and Tide’s “Get it clean” campaign. These types of ads generated positive emotional responses from consumers throughout the quarter.

Facebook Ads Boycott: What Will Be the Measure of Success?

If you haven’t heard already— a lot of companies are boycotting Facebook advertising. The point is to get Facebook to create a safer environment (free of inappropriate content and misinformation) for brands. Given Facebook’s hold on the ad market it’s unclear if the boycott will be successful although the company has been holding meetings to introduce some changes.

The Most Critical Marketing Metrics to Measure Right Now

A lot has changed since the beginning of the year— strategies, priorities, and goals have shifted for most marketers. It makes sense that your success metrics have changed too. According to Search Engine Watch, there are three critical marketing metrics marketers should be keeping in mind: cost per acquisition, social media engagement, and website traffic.

Experts Discuss How to Turn SaaS Trial Users into Paying Customers

So, you’ve convinced a user to give your free trial a try— now what? This guide dives into expert advice from 24 SaaS professionals (CEOs, founders, and marketers) on how to turn trial users into paying customers. Some common themes include using sample data for onboarding users, quick follow-ups, and building a knowledge base.

The Role of Customer Empathy in the Future of Marketing

If you’re wondering why your marketing campaigns aren’t making an impact, try empathy. Marketing has evolved and it’s time marketers evolve with it. Building a solid relationship with your customer base and weaving empathy into everything you do on the marketing side, will make your strategy stronger and promote growth.

Why Consumers Subscribe and Unsubscribe from Email

We’ve all subscribed and unsubscribed to a few marketing emails here and there, but why do we do it? HubSpot investigated and shared their findings on why consumers subscribe and unsubscribe from marketing emails. They even shared tips on how to win and keep your email subscribers.

How to Apply a Test and Learn Approach to Your Digital Marketing

How do you turn your data into actionable insights for marketing? By adopting a test and learn approach. This guide shares everything you need to know about applying a test and learn approach to marketing.

Learn How to Craft the Most Informative Marketing Report Ever

Creating a marketing report starts with determining who the report is for. What are they most interested in learning? This will help you create an informative and tailored report when sharing your findings with various audiences like stakeholders, coworkers, and investors.