Issue 94: No One Wants to Talk to You & Other Marketing Lessons

Picture of Melina Panitsidis

by Melina Panitsidis on November 20, 2019 - 2 minute read

Digital advertising takes a trip down memory lane.

A history of digital advertising, why consumers don’t want to talk to you, a playbook for distributing your content, how to target early adopters with native advertising, how blockchain will have an impact on marketing, and the value of branded PPC campaigns.

25 Fascinating Years of Digital Advertising

Digital advertising has come to redefine the marketing industry in its fairly short history. This infographic brings you back to the banner era of 1994 (where it all began) and walks you through the key milestones that brought the industry to where it is today.

No One Wants to Talk to You and Other Modern Marketing Lessons

Numbers and KPIs are important, but marketers need to remember that success ultimately depends on the customer experience. Anita Brearton, Co-founder & CEO of CabinetM, shares some modern marketing takeaways including hands off sales tactics and actually delivering experiences customers want.

The Content Distribution Playbook

How do you distribute your content after you hit publish? This video dives into the different strategies and channels you can use to effectively distribute content to your target audience.

How to Target Early Adopters with Native Advertising

Early adopters don’t respond well to traditional advertising tactics. That’s why native advertising is so effective, it allows them to engage on their own terms. Learn about the benefits of native advertising in comparison with other forms and how it can be used to effectively target early adopters online.

How Blockchain is Having an Impact on Digital Marketing?

Blockchain’s disruptive technology is expected to change a lot of industries, including marketing. Here are six ways blockchain is going to disrupt the marketing industry that include granting the power of data to consumers, streamlining ad spend, and keyword tracking.

Why Are PPC Branded Campaigns Valuable?

Running a PPC branded campaign can enhance quality score and increase brand loyalty overall. Here are eight reasons to start bidding on your brand that include being able to control the messaging, keeping your brand away from competitors, and avoiding harmful content.

Is Marketing an Art or Science in 2020?

Marketing is an industry where art and science are both equally important. Strategies are drawn up from analysis and data while communicating that strategy to your audience relies on creativity. This article dives into why marketers need both analysis and creativity to run successful campaigns in 2020.

Easy Ways to Build a Free Email List

How do you build and update your email list for marketing communications? Upgrade your email list with these seven easy strategies.