Issue 81: Google Searches Aren’t Feeling the Love

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by Melina Panitsidis on August 21, 2019 - 3 minute read


Clicks are down for Google searches.

How Mailchimp connects with customers, what marketing experts have learned from failing, the best digital marketing podcasts, and why your lead conversion rates might be wrong.

Over 50% of Google Searches Result In No Clicks, Data Shows

According to marketing analytics firm Jumpshot, 50.3% of Google searches don’t result in actual clicks. This zero-click search trend has been steadily growing since 2016. One explanation could be the company’s shift to summing up a search query in a snippet of text at the top of the page. The US congressional panel asked Google if this statistic was true but their response neither confirmed or denied it.

The Simple Reason Why Your B2B Lead Gen Conversion Rates Are Completely Wrong

If you’re not sifting through your campaign lead list and weeding out unqualified leads (fake emails, spam emails, etc.) then chances are your ROI calculations are incorrect. Unbounce co-founder, Oli Gardner, dives into the importance of marketing IQ and micro metrics when optimizing your campaigns and calculating ROI.

The Subtle Technique That Mailchimp Uses to Emotionally Hook Customers

Companies like Mailchimp don’t focus on marketing the fancy features of their product. Instead they focus on presenting the positive outcomes customers can expect when working with them. This idea of outcome-selling shows a deeper level of understanding of your customer and builds trust for your brand. See how Mailchimp, Hotjar, and Notion all use outcome-selling to help solve their customers problems.

Marketing Experts Share Their Marketing Fails (and Lessons Learned)

As marketers, we can plan everything down to the very last detail and things still might not go our way. Luckily, even when this happens, we can learn a thing or two from it. These marketing experts are sharing what they’ve learned from their moments of failure.

11 Best Digital Marketing Podcast That Every Marketer Must Listen To 

How do you stay up to date with the latest in marketing? These digital marketing podcasts share the latest and greatest marketing trends and insights.

You can also check out Re:Growth, our very own marketing podcast on growth tactics for B2B marketers here.

Why marketing Attribution Hasn’t Lived Up to the Hype—Yet

Marketers have many opportunities to reach consumers across multiple channels today. While this is generally a positive change, it has made the measurement and analysis of all of these different touch points rather difficult. Marketing measurement has struggled to keep up with this attribution-evolution, causing methods like multi-touch attribution to fall short while others like incrementality testing are gaining momentum.

Marketers from Disney, TSB and Three Share Their Top Summer Reading Picks

Looking for a good read? CMOs and other top marketing executives from Disney, Nationwide, Zoopla, and more share their book recommendations for the summer. On the list: The First 90 Days, The Joy of Work, and Radio Heaven, One Woman’s Journey to Grace.

15 Incredible Tools You Never Thought You Needed

All marketers have their go-to tools they use everyday that make their lives a little easier. From productivity and organization to automation and management, there’s a tool for everything these days. Here are 15 more tools you can add to your toolkit including Contentful, Hotjar, and Todoist.