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ATW 97: Will the 2020s Be a Better Decade for Media?

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by Melina Panitsidis on December 12, 2019 - 2 minute read


New year, new privacy regulations!

Industry leaders look back on the last 10 years of media, why the CCPA is making advertisers play it extra safe, the future of publisher monetization, how brands can compete for media attention in 2020, and what’s next for podcast advertising.

Have the 2010s Been A Bad Decade for Media?

Campaign decided against choosing a Medium of the Decade this year because there wasn’t a company that really stood out. When attendees of the Publishing Summit were asked to describe the past decade in media, only 13% described it as good. Here industry leaders share their thoughts on if the 2010s have been a bad decade for media.

‘We’re Not Going to Play Around’: Ad Industry Grapples with California’s Ambiguous Privacy Law

The ambiguity surrounding the privacy law, like the broad definition of the sale of data, is motivating some advertisers to play it extra safe. Others believe they have a little more time to be compliant as the attorney general’s office finalizes regulations but any non-compliant advertisers that dates back to January 1st will be held accountable.

Predictions 2020: Publisher Monetization

The privacy-first era has created some challenges for publishers. Industry thought leaders share their predictions for where publisher monetization is headed in 2020.

Global Ad Spending Slower Than Expected

According to GroupM, global ad spend growth is slower than what was expected. The media agency expects a 3.9% increase in advertising next year while the 2019 forecast was reduced to 4.8% growth compared to the original 5.7%. Additionally, the US represents about 40% of the global ad market.

How Should a Brand Compete for Media Attention in 2020?

Media channels are over-saturated with content these days. How can a brand fight for attention going into 2020? Katie Clift, a marketing and corporate affairs leader, discusses how increasing your ‘share of voice’ is one way to remain relevant to your audience and to the media.

What’s Next for Podcast Advertising

The Interactive Advertising Bureau and PwC have estimated that podcast advertising will reach $1 billion (!!!) by 2021. Ad Age’s case study on podcast advertising explores if major brands will utilize the channel despite data and measurement challenges.

Less Than 40% of Customer Data Execs Confident They Know Where Company’s Data is Stored

Forrester surveyed customer data management professionals and found that 91% of them said the top concern for their customers was privacy, but only 38% of these executives actually know where customer data is being stored. The survey proves that if brands don’t want to fall behind, they’ll need to improve their data management practices and optimize the customer experience.

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