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ATW 92: This Is How Streaming Services Actually Use Your Personal Data

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by Melina Panitsidis on October 31, 2019 - 3 minute read


The advertising industry has gone from creative and thoughtful to intrusive and unbearable.

Twitter announces a ban on political ads, Facebook to offer a ‘news’ tab on their platform, the unclear data practices of the streaming services industry, and how the industry can take ad fraud more seriously.

The Advertising Industry Has a Problem: People Hate Ads

Advertising used to be an industry where creatives created non-intrusive and thoughtful campaigns for clients. Enter, the digital age. Today, it’s hard for consumers to escape the sea of ads they encounter daily— and they’ve had enough. This post from The New York Times dives into how advertisers got here and what’s to come.

Twitter to Stop Running Political Ads

In the drama surrounding Facebook’s political advertising policy, Twitter has taken a stance against political ads. The platform announced that starting November 22nd, all political ads will be banned. The company is set to release the full policy on November 15th.

Facebook to Offer ‘News’ Tab for Users — and Pay (Some) Publishers for Their Work

Facebook is getting back into the news game after putting it on the back burner just last year. This news tab will compile stories from hundreds of organizations that will be paid for supplying their articles. Participating organizations include The Washington Post, Business Insider, Buzzfeed News and other local news sources.

They Know What You Watched Last Night

Recent research shows that users who try to protect their information on streaming platforms could still be tracked without their permission. This data is then sent to tech giants like Google and Facebook. As the streaming industry continues to grow there is a lack of standardization which makes it easy for platforms to be unclear in how they track and share user data.

The Easiest Way to Buy Fraud Is to Optimize to a Click: Ad Fraud On Evolving Mediums

A panel at The Drum’s Programmatic Punch APAC shed some light on ad fraud. With $520 million being wasted because of digital ad fraud, the panel discussed a need for the industry to take this issue more seriously and ways to fight back as mediums continue to evolve in the ad space.

GDPR Fines Were Meant to Rock the Data Privacy World. They Haven't.

The buzz around GDPR has settled down but European regulators are just getting started with cracking down on regulations— especially against the tech giants. Here is a list of significant GDPR fines issued to companies who failed to handle consumer data properly.

To Reduce Cookie Reliance, Immediate Media Tests New Way to Share Data Directly With Advertisers

As cookies become a thing of the past, publishers like Immediate Media are experimenting with new processes that don’t require relying on cookies. The publisher has created a neutral platform that will share first-party data with advertisers. Advertisers can then shop for audiences through a dashboard and input their own data to find matches. All data shared in the platform is kept secure and can’t be shared with third-parties.

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