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Issue 91: Are You Ready for the Next Marketing Rebellion?

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by Melina Panitsidis on October 30, 2019 - 3 minute read


Amazon’s ad platform is gaining a competitive edge against Google and Facebook.

The importance of brand voice, paid search goes mobile-first, the transformation of the CMO role, the impact of CCPA regulations on digital advertising, and how to identify the right B2B SaaS marketing channels.

Is a Marketing Rebellion at Hand?

According to Mark W. Schaefer and his new book Marketing Rebellion, the industry is going to experience some major shifts where trust and authenticity rule. Marketers are now fighting for things like attention and loyalty so it’s critical that all of their marketing efforts support the customer experience in a positive way.

Why Is Brand Voice Important and How To Define It?

Brand voice is important in expressing your company’s personality, communication style, and values. This guide dives into the different aspects of brand voice and how to find and define your own.

How to Target and Sell to Early Adopters

Selling to early adopters requires a unique approach because they’re skeptical, critical, and don’t respond to certain types of marketing. Here we break down why early adopters are such a valuable target for marketers as well as the most effective contextual targeting strategies for reaching them.

Paid Search Becomes Mobile-First Experience

Mobile has become the most popular channel for paid search. According to a study from Kenshoo, over 70% of all paid search impressions and clicks were on a mobile device in Q3. Overall, paid search has grown over the last five quarters with ad spend on mobile devices accounting for 54% in Q3.

9 Recent CMO Departures that Point to the Radical Transformation of Marketing

The role of a CMO has quickly become a challenging one with the increasing pressures to juggle more. Marketing executives have become responsible for things like data management, digital transformation, brand strategy, and innovation. This article shares CMO departures and what they mean for the future of the marketing industry.

42% of Ad Spend Through Amazon Goes to Brand Awareness

Amazon continues to prove itself as an ad platform with ad spend up 30% in Q3 according to a new report from Tinuiti. The report also stated ad spend related to brand awareness jumped to 42% suggesting that advertisers aren’t only using the platform for purchase-focused campaigns.

Customer-Channel Fit: How to Identify the Right B2B SaaS Marketing Channels

All marketing channels are not created equal. This guide covers SaaS marketing mistakes when testing paid media channels, advice on how to avoid them, and strategies to find customer-channel fit for your company.

What’s The Impact Of Proposed CCPA Regulations On Digital Advertising?

The upcoming implementation of the California Consumer Privacy Act is going to make some serious changes to the digital advertising space. Understanding the impact of CCPA regulations will help you get ahead and make sure you’re prepared from the start.

Why Marketing ROI Is So Important, and How You Can Measure It

Without marketing ROI, it’d be difficult to determine the successful campaigns from the not so successful campaigns. Having a strategy in place to measure ROI will help you figure out what’s working and what’s not in addition to increasing trust, securing more budget, and having a greater business impact.

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