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HubSpot’s Sam Mallikarjunan on Running Marketing Experiments

If you had to, how would you put your company out of business? For Sam Mallikarjunan, that isn’t a hypothetical question: it was his mandate as the Head of Growth…

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How to Prepare for a Surge in Website Traffic

So you’ve decided to invest in publisher advertising - you’ve chosen a great fit for your brand, written your copy and supplied a killer image. Job done. Time to sit…

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HelloSign’s Jackie Davis on Creating Marketing Campaigns that Scale

 Jackie Davis's career as an analyst ended when her boss sat her down and said, "Jackie, I love you. But you belong in marketing." Since then, she has led…

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FullStory’s Jordan Woods on Marketing Lovable Products

The trick to completing a 1,000 piece puzzle is to start with the easy stuff, split the project into lots of smaller sections, and work towards the goal piece by…

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Slack’s Holly Chen on Blending B2C and B2B for Growth

Slack is one of the fastest growing SaaS companies of all time. Its early success can be credited to word of mouth marketing. Nowadays, it relies on a mix of…

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The 11 Best Marketing Podcasts for Growth in 2018

Marketing podcasts let you learn from experts and keep up with the latest trends—plus, as a bonus, you can listen in from the comfort of your office, a bus, or…

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Drift’s Dave Gerhardt on Fueling Growth through Brand

 When Drift launched, there were already 7,000 martech companies competing for its audience’s attention. As Drift’s VP of Marketing, Dave Gerhardt had two options: follow the norm or stand…

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Ad Tech Story Time: The Secret Language of Adtechish

Ad tech is an insanely convoluted industry, dogged by gobbledygook.  It’s also often said that if you can’t explain a concept to a kid, it’s probably BS. In the second…

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How to Use B2B Demand Generation for Marketing Growth

“We don’t sell saddles here” wrote Slack Co-Founder Stewart Butterfield in a company-wide memo before launch. Those words formed the foundation of a strategy that would make Slack one of…

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