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Simple Customer Retention Strategies For Sustainable Growth

More customers. If you ask most marketers how to grow a business, that’s what they’ll tell you. And there’s no reason to doubt the answer. It makes sense: As more…

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Why Server-to-Server Really Turns Header Bidding on its Head

Wherever you look right now, it seems like the world is being turned on its head. A service designed to “bring the world closer together” stands accused of ripping society…

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Getting Started with Demand Generation Strategies

As a marketer, you’re probably under huge pressure to grow revenue and send better leads to the sales team… and that pressure only increases each quarter. You can panic, or…

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Battle of the Generations: Demand Gen vs Lead Gen

As interest in demand generation skyrockets, many marketers are left wondering what demand generation is and how it compares to lead generation and inbound marketing. After all, they all deal…

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It’s Time for Header Bidding to Quit the Browser

First came Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention, sending ad tech shares tumbling. Next up, Chrome’s ad blocking feature, clamping down on formats the Google-backed Coalition for Better Ads judges ‘least preferred’.…

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Measure, Optimize, Grow: 31 Free Demand Generation Tools to Power Your Strategy

Picking which demand generation tools to include in a marketing stack gets expensive fast. Tracking, measuring, and optimizing the entire marketing process isn’t cheap—and there are very few tools that…

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How to Use B2B Demand Generation for Marketing Growth

“We don’t sell saddles here” wrote Slack Co-Founder Stewart Butterfield in a company-wide memo before launch. Those words formed the foundation of a strategy that would make Slack one of…

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Fundraise Like the Pros: The ICO Marketing Blueprint

Initial coin offerings have turned public fundraising on its head. In 2017, 234 companies raised $3.7 billion through ICOs—a 3712% increase from the year before. This boom is bittersweet. More…

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The Top Ad Tech News of 2017

Ad tech makes the world go round. It controls what we buy. It can create media jobs or spark layoffs. It knows more about us than we do. And sometimes,…

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