ATW 107: This is what people really think about tech giants

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by Melina Panitsidis on March 5, 2020 - 2 minute read

Americans think big tech has too much power.

What European publishers think of a cookie-less world, the Verge releases their tech trust survey, why marketers should reevaluate their strategy before 2022, what analytics experts think about the state of data and privacy, and why publisher alliances could be the future of digital advertising.

Candid Thoughts On the Cookie Demise from European Publishers

Over 150 media executives attended the Digiday Publishing Summit Europe this week, where they shared privacy-focused challenges they’re facing with the changing industry landscape. Some key takeaways included the impact of data regulation in the industry, publishers working together, and shared IDs to identify an audience online.

The Verge Tech Survey 2020

The Verge released their second tech trust survey where they asked Americans how they feel about tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Amazon. Overall the survey revealed that Americans believe big tech has too much power with 56% stating the government should break up tech companies if they have too much control.

To Thrive In 2022, Media Buyers Must Reassess Their Marketing Strategies Now

The cookie will officially be gone in two years, but media buyers should start reevaluating strategies now to get ahead. To be successful in a cookie-less world, media buyers should embrace publisher relationships, abandon old advertising lessons like the 70/20/10 rule, and demand better quality supply.

What are Analytics Experts Looking to In 2020 with Data and Privacy?

Looking to gain executive buy-in on privacy policy issues? These five industry experts share their thoughts and insights on the state of data and privacy this year.

Can Publishers Alliances Be the Future for Digital Advertising?

Publishers are being hit hard with challenges surrounding the massive data and privacy changes in the industry. The solution to this shift could be collaboration. Publisher alliances could foster positive business results while also challenging tech giants’ control in the industry.

As DSPs Go Under, Exchanges Get Tough About Getting Paid

Exchanges are changing their processes as DSPs continue to fail. Companies like TripleLift, OpenX, Sovrn, and PubMatic are implementing insurance measures, cutting off spend, enforcing contractual limits, and more to make sure they get paid.