ATW 88: Why Was Mark Zuckerberg Visiting Lawmakers In Washington?

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by Melina Panitsidis on October 3, 2019 - 2 minute read


Facebook is feeling the pressure from governments all over the world.

One co-founder’s take on how trust can be restored in digital advertising, the problem with TAG’s Certified Against Fraud program, a new group hoping to fix the online ad space, and how Verizon Media is experimenting with 5G.

The Fightback Against Facebook Is Getting Stronger

The US government is currently investigating Facebook for anti-trust violations which prompted Mark Zuckerberg to visit Washington. Since the social network is now a main channel for political advertising, governments all over the world are taking action to regulate the tech giant with Australia and Canada already implementing new rules.

Why Verizon Media Is Poised for a 5G Ad Revolution

Verizon Media is gearing up for 5G with a lab specifically created to experiment with 5G concepts. Ivan Markman, Chief Business Officer, discusses how 5G is going to power updated augmented reality ads for the company. The focus on AR ads is based on the continuing rise of native advertising.

The Online Ad World Is Murky. A Group of Companies Wants to Fix That.

A new group of 16 companies, including Oracle and News Corporation, are committing to new standards and practices for sharing data about fees and authenticating content. The group hopes to increase visibility, reduce Google and Facebook’s ad power, and convince ad tech companies to be more transparent.

TAG, You're S*!t: Internet Advertising Industry Bods Admit Self-Policing Approach Is a Sham

The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) was formed to prevent fraud and increase transparency in digital advertising. TAG’s Certified Against Fraud program gives companies a seal of approval for following a set of guidelines but is now being called out for how easy it is to obtain the certification.

How Ad Tech Is Grappling With Consumer Consent Issues

The IAB has created a working group to prepare its members for the approaching enforcement of the California Consumer Privacy Act. The group is working on new privacy proposals that will give publishers guidance on how to best approach the CCPA.

The Creepy World Of Personalized Ads Is Coming To Your TV

Sky’s AdSmart advertising system can group viewers by age, location, lifestyle, and more. The TV advertising solution turns your set top box into a local ad server and serves ads based on data the company has already collected on you. Sky has been using the TV solution since 2014, but will soon have Virgin Media and Channel 4 on board as well.

How We Can Restore Trust In Digital Advertising

Technology, the internet, and the ad industry have been losing the battle of gaining consumer trust for years. But is it possible to restore that trust at some level? Benoit Grouchko, Co-Founder of location-based ad platform Teemo, believes it is.