ATW 108: Will this investigation be an industry game-changer?

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by Melina Panitsidis on March 12, 2020 - 2 minute read

If a tech company sells ads, is it an ad-tech company?

An investigation into Criteo could be an industry game-changer, how the ad industry is trying to create effective cookie alternative solutions, the importance of combining evidence-based advertising with experience-based context, and why people aren’t happy with the digital ad ecosystem.

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Why the GDPR Investigation Into Criteo Could Be a ‘Line in the Sand’ for Ad Tech

In January, CNIL, an independent French administrative regulatory body opened an investigation into the data practices of ad tech company Criteo. Depending on the organization’s findings, the final decision in this investigation could be a game-changer for the industry. CNIL recently fined Google $57 million for breaching GDPR.

How the Ad-Tech Industry Is Trying to Resurrect Targeted Advertising

The industry is scrambling to replace the cookie but solutions seem to be falling flat due to significant flaws. However, companies like LiveRamp are still looking to take advantage of the cookie’s demise with new initiatives. LiveRamp recently held its annual RampUp conference where industry execs discussed potential new marketing initiatives beyond cookies and ad IDs.

Don’t Misinterpret the Data: Evidence-Based Advertising Needs Experience-Based Context

As regulation starts to tighten data practices in ad tech, it’s important to understand that data isn’t everything. While some data is definitely useful, it can be essentially useless without any context. This article dives into the different categories of evidence and how they can be applied in advertising.

A New Cookie-Less ID?

The future of the ad tech ecosystem without cookies is a bit uncertain. While no one knows exactly how this will impact the industry, there are a few themes that seem certain. At the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting the main talking points around the cookie conversation revolved around first-party data, publishers gaining a voice in the industry, and the potential comeback of contextual targeting.

If A Tech Company Sells Ads, Is It An Ad-Tech Company?

The ad tech industry doesn’t just consist of DSPs, solutions platforms, and data companies. This article argues that any ad supported tech company is an ad tech company and that the weaknesses being exposed about the industry is only a small piece of the ad tech landscape.

Only 6% of the Ad Industry Is Happy With the Digital Advertising Ecosystem

According to a survey from Industry Index, 92% of respondents believe an industry-wide standardization is necessary. Some industry execs believe industry issues like fraud and transparency can be solved with a complete overhaul of the current system.