Issue 121: What is a marketer’s biggest responsibility? 🤔

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by Melina Panitsidis on July 1, 2020 - 2 minute read

So many reports, so little time.

This week we have reports from the ANA and AdExchanger. Plus, the evolution of marketing in today’s world, LinkedIn ads case studies and what you can learn from them, how to close the gap between sales and marketing, and a guide to setting up goals in Google Analytics.

Marketers Believe Innovation Drives Brand Growth, but Many Don't Have Time for It

According to the ANA’s Marketing, Innovation, and Technology report, 84% of marketers expect innovation and technology to have a significant impact on brand growth. That said, over 50% of the marketers surveyed believe they are prepared to deal with issues that arise in innovation and technology even though a significant amount of respondents spend less than a quarter of their time on both.

The Evolution of Marketing in Today’s Shifting Environment

A report from Datorama shared that 69% of marketers are prioritizing growth at some level with 96% of them citing that marketing has a huge role in increasing a business’s ROI. The rapidly changing industry that is marketing has leaders constantly shifting their focus to keep up. In today’s world, a customer-centric approach is the focus while things like PR fade into the background.

The Pandemic Has Changed How Advertisers Think About Data And Tech Investments

Yes, another report. AdExchanger conducted a research report on how the global pandemic has impacted technology and data investment in the marketer and agency community. According to the report, the future looks promising with 74% of marketers expecting to increase their ad budget or keep them the same in the second half of the year. The report also cites that marketers believe other industry shifts like the end of third-party cookies will have a bigger impact on the industry than the pandemic has had.

LinkedIn Ad Case Studies That Marketers Can Learn From

If you’re running (or are thinking about running) ads on LinkedIn, use this list to help guide your strategy. These 9 case studies, broken out by ad type, share how other advertisers found success with LinkedIn ads.

Close the Marketing and Sales Gap, and You'll Close More Deals

Perfecting the partnership between sales and marketing is a surefire way to increase lead generation and ultimately close more deals. That might be easier said than done but it’s crucial for maximizing success. This guide shares steps you can take to close the gap between sales and marketing to strengthen your business.

Google Analytics Goals: 75 Marketers On How to Set & Use Goals in ‘GA’

Google Analytics is a lot to take in. Lucky for you, this guide compiled how 75 marketers set up and use Google Analytics goals. They share their best tips for setup, tracking, and customizing your goals.