Issue 131: Did video actually kill the radio star?

That was then and this is now.

The decline of radio ad spend, the most important marketing question of the decade, the reality of a cookieless future, a script to help you navigate Google’s new ad update, killer social media campaigns you should know about, why focusing on lower funnel content is more effective than top-of-funnel, and marketing KPIs to improve your marketing.

Radio Ad Spending Will Decline by 25% This Year

In a March forecast from eMarketer, radio ad spend was expected to decline by only 1%. Now, radio ad spend is expected to drop 25%. The report states a partial rebound, but radio advertising isn’t expected to make a full recovery from this.

This Decade’s Most Important Marketing Question: What Data Rights Do Advertisers Possess?

This opinion piece dives into the impact that Google’s latest update will have in the marketing world. The tech giant recently announced that it will strip search terms data from advertisers which has caused a lot of frustration in the industry, and brings up a lot of questions as to how digital marketing will operate in the future.

Why You Should Focus on Bottom of the Funnel First to Drive Signups

Hot take: your best customers are already at the bottom of the funnel. This post from Grow & Convert illustrates why SaaS marketers should focus on lower funnel content first. The argument here is that, unless you’re creating something that’s not already out there, then people are already educated on the top-of-funnel topics within your domain.

How Much Does Google’s New Search Term Filtering Affect Ad Spend Transparency?

If you’re a PPC marketer and you’re interested in finding out just how much Google’s latest decision has impacted your campaigns, then you’re in luck. The people over at Optmyzr have created a script to help marketers calculate the number of unidentified queries in their campaigns.

15 Awesome Examples of Social Media Marketing

What’s the best social media campaign you’ve come across lately? Here are 15 buzz-worthy examples of perfect social media marketing campaigns.

Realities of A Cookieless and IDFA-Free Future

Tech giants are removing features that are increasing privacy— and it’s about time. But change doesn’t come without impact. This article lays out the long-term impact these changes will have on the industry, plus what marketers should do to keep up.

15 Key Performance Indicators to Help Improve Your Marketing

There’s always room for improvement in marketing. Here are 15 KPIs to track and help you increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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