♟ The Queen’s Gambit: marketing success story

Facebook ads aren’t so hot after all.

The skills marketers want to learn, Forrester’s study on the impact of Facebook ads, a successful ABM campaign, why The Queen’s Gambit was successful even without a marketing strategy, how to improve your landing pages according to data, the art of storytelling in content marketing, and key takeaways from this year’s SEJ eSummit.

Skills Marketers Say They Want In 2021

A survey from Sidecar shared the skills marketers want in order to advance their careers. The survey included marketing professionals at all levels and found data analytics, performance marketing, social media, and SEO as the most frequently reported desired skills across the board. Participants were also asked what platform they’d like to spend more time on and which tasks they’d like to devote more time to.

Ads On Facebook May Not Be that Important for Brands After All

Forrester recently shared unpublished data on the impact Facebook ads has on brands. The research firm studied companies that participated in last year’s boycott against the tech giant and found that most participants were not negatively impacted. In fact, 36 out of the 43 companies studied actually had an increase in revenue.

ABM Campaign That Generated $300k in Revenue

A guide that breaks down how this marketer took an ABM marketing approach to generating $300k in revenue. The guide dives into the entire process from auditing and roadmapping, to strategy, execution, and reporting.

The Queen's Gambit: Social Media Study

Even if you haven’t watched the Netflix hit series, The Queen’s Gambit, you have definitely heard of it. This study dives into why the series was such a hit even though its release flew under the radar and didn’t have any type of marketing strategy in place.

Hint: the power of word-of-mouth is still strong.

Landing Page Statistics To Improve Your Strategy

How can you get the most conversions from your landing page in 2021? Here are 19 statistics about landing pages that will help you analyze and tweak your current landing pages to increase conversions.

Why Storytelling And Content Marketing Are A Match Made In Heaven

Content marketing without storytelling isn’t memorable. In this guide, CoSchedule shares how to incorporate storytelling into content in order to improve the buyer experience, stand out against the competition, add a human element to your brand, and inspire connection— with real examples from brands like IKEA, Evernote, and Spotify.

SEO & Digital Marketing Expert Tips from SEJ eSummit 2021

Search Engine Journal’s two-day eSummit was packed with actionable insights and tips for marketing in the new year. These were the main 17 takeaways that experts shared at the online summit.

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