Issue 88: It Pays To Be Bold In Marketing. This Brand Is Proof.

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by Melina Panitsidis on October 9, 2019 - 3 minute read


KLM is encouraging people to fly less… and it’s paying off.

The characteristics of a ‘winning’ brand, the value of desktop vs mobile conversions, Taboola and Outbrain join forces, the greatest brand mascots of all time, and some pretty useful Chrome extensions to add to your toolkit.

KLM Future-Proofs Itself Through Sustainability Efforts and by Digitizing

KLM airlines is making some bold marketing moves that are proving to be successful. Their “Fly Responsibly” initiative is sure to inspire you to take some risks and experiment with your next campaign.

What Makes Winning Brands Grow?

'Winning’ brands emphasize and value common characteristics that help them drive growth. Some of these include seeing the value of combining sales activation and brand building, understanding the importance of lead generation, and seeing innovation as a key growth driver.

Mobile Conversions Rising, But Desktop Conversions Still 93% More Valuable

According to a study led by AccuraCast, mobile is the leading device that consumers use to browse the internet even though clicks and conversions are still less valuable than desktop. The report states that “overall, desktop visitors convert 60% more than mobile visitors, and conversions from a desktop device are worth 93% more than mobile conversions, on average.”

The Greatest (and Most Recognizable) Brand Mascots of All Time

Since 2004, Advertising Week has given out awards to the most eye-catching brand mascots by conducting an online poll. Here is a list of the 34 greatest brand mascots of all time including the Pillsbury Doughboy, the AOL Running Man, and the most interesting man in the world.

How We Grew Blog Traffic by 650% in Two Years — Organically

Growing a blog is hard work in today’s digital landscape— especially for brands in the not-so-interesting fields. This synthetic oil company is proof that with a little planning and strategizing, you can grow your blog traffic no matter what your product is.

Taboola and Outbrain Are Merging Into A $2 Billion Company To Better Compete With Facebook

Digital advertising companies, Taboola and Outbrain, are coming together to take down Google and Facebook. If the merger is approved, the company will operate under the Taboola brand. And while this merger benefits some parts of the industry, it won't be as beneficial to smaller industry players.

Three Reasons Why Digital Marketers Can Win This Year And Beyond

Digital marketing is predicted to surpass traditional marketing for the first time this year. Joe Marinucci, Co-founder of Digital Media Solutions, shares three reasons why this is the year of opportunity for digital marketers.

Insanely Useful Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketers

What marketer doesn’t want tools that will help streamline their day-to-day? Here are 30 helpful Chrome extensions you should check out if you haven’t already.

Three Tips for Q4 Ad Copy and Messaging

Q4 is in full swing. Here are some tips to level-up your messaging to end this booming quarter with a bang including discounted retargeting campaigns and making sure you’re utilizing multiple platforms.