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by Melina Panitsidis on January 13, 2021 - 2 minute read

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New year, new look.

Three major marketing trends to keep in mind, an infographic on the top 10 digital marketing trends of 2021, Roku buys the rights to Quibi, a guide to the topic cluster model for content, a creative design brief template to make your next project a success, marketing books you should read this year, and why empathetic marketing is here to stay.

3 Marketing Supertrends For 2021

The supertrends of 2021 are a little different from those in the last few years. This year, the leading trends are holistic digital marketing transformations and empathy, followed by hyped technologies like augmented reality and artificial intelligence that usually top the list.

What Digital Marketing Trends Will 2021 Bring For Us All?

Digital Information World put together this infographic of the top ten trends of 2021. They include brand accountability, data visualization becoming a top marketing skill, the rise of remote work culture, and hybrid events.

Roku Buys Rights to Quibi Shows for Growing Ad-Supported Channel

In 2020 we said hello and goodbye to Quibi. In 2021, Roku bought the content rights to Quibi to share on its own ad-supported streaming platform. Roku’s decision to purchase and stream Quibi’s content was strategic as more and more households are cutting the cord. It gives Roku a competitive advantage as advertisers are looking for ways to reach consumers through streaming platforms.

How to Get Ranked and Read With a Topic Cluster Model

New year, new content strategy? This guide from the Content Marketing Institute dives into the topic cluster model and how brands can use it to rank higher in search results. It’s also a great way to help you organize your content and structure your blog for readers.

A Creative Design Brief That Will Make Your Designers Swoon

Design is hands down one of the most important components of bringing a marketing project to life. However, the creative process can quickly be derailed without a proper vision or plan in place. That’s why Michelle Urban, VP of Marketing at Atomist, shared this design brief template she uses with her team for outlining a clear design strategy.

The Best Books for Marketers

Looking for some new marketing books to read? This list shares marketing books that are broken out by categories. The list covers books on psychology, branding, building a business, strategy, and more.

How to Create Powerful Brand Empathy

I have a feeling ‘empathy’ will be 2021’s marketing buzzword of the year. Empathetic marketing is now critical for a brand. By connecting with consumers without the expectation of making a hard sell at each touchpoint and addressing their problems, brands can become more relatable and build stronger relationships.