Issue 134: A billion dollar marketing question 💰

Influencer marketing is booming.

Changes in the B2B purchase process, why marketers should focus on goal-driven advertising messages, a new advertiser tool from the New York Times, tracking ROI vs brand awareness in influencer marketing, 2021 content marketing predictions, how to write persuasive copy, changes that are shaping search, and the metrics you need to track to have a successful online event.

How the B2B Purchase Process Has Changed in 2020

The B2B purchase cycle has gotten longer since last year. This B2B buyer behavior study shares how the B2B buyer process has changed over the years and with the pandemic in mind. Respondents shared how specific aspects of the process have changed in addition to how they research potential purchases.

Marketers Got Hyper-Relevant Advertising Messages Wrong

Marketers are overlooking goal-driven consumers with their advertising. A recent study found that most consumers researching a potential purchase are in a goal-driven mindset rather than an item-driven mindset. In fact, by targeting goal-driven searches, brands are 26.7% more likely to acquire new customers.

The New York Times Launches New First-Party Tool to Help Advertisers Navigate Brand Safety Concerns

Third-party cookies are on their way out soon and publishers are searching for ways to accommodate this loss. That’s why the New York Times launched a new program called Pivotal. It uses first-party data to provide research and recommendations for advertisers to navigate brand safety concerns. The publisher joins other media groups like Vox and Group Nine that have also launched their own advertising products.

ROI vs Awareness: Influencer Marketing’s Billion Dollar Question

In the next 12 months, 63% of marketers plan to increase their influencer marketing budget proving just how impactful this strategy is. However, influencer marketing is still very new making it hard to pinpoint how marketers should be tracking campaign success.

What’s Up in 2021 for Content Marketing?

First of all, how is it almost 2021? Content Marketing Institute has asked industry professionals for their best content marketing predictions. Some of those predictions include working more closely with other teams, salespeople honing their content marketing skills, and the growth of audio.

The Structure of Persuasive Copy

As marketers, we’re surrounded by copy all day, every day. This short post shares how you can better structure your content to be more persuasive. These guidelines can be used across any type of content like blog posts, webpages, ebooks, and more.

Fundamental Shifts That Are Shaping Search & Digital Marketing

We know the digital world doesn’t stay the same for long, but this year it’s especially true. Businesses have had to accelerate their transition to digital which has brought about more change to search and marketing. Here are five shifts marketers should be aware of.

Key Metrics for Measuring Online Event Success

How successful was your online event? This infographic breaks down the six key metrics to track, measure, and improve to make your online event a hit. They include: registration numbers, average viewing time, and engagement rate.

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