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by Melina Panitsidis on January 6, 2021 - 2 minute read

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Welcome back and Happy New Year! 🎉

Top marketing leaders share valuable lessons they learned, how consumer habits are changing, the marketing trends to watch in 2021, what paid media marketing will look like in this new year, the social media analytics that matter, a guide to utility-based marketing, how to structure a content team, and the best creative brand moves of 2020.

What These 9 Marketing Leaders Learned In 2020

Marketing as we know it definitely didn’t turn out the way we expected it to in 2020. But the uncertainty and challenges offered some valuable lessons along the way. These are the lessons that marketing leaders from companies like InVision, Drift, and eToro are taking with them in 2021.

How Consumer Expectations for Brand Experiences, Personalization are Changing

The Future Of The Empowered Consumer In The US report from Forrester dives into the shifting habits of consumers. The report focuses on empowered consumers of two camps, the Progressive Pioneers and the Convenience Conformers. Together they make up about 64% of the total consumer base giving brands a good idea about what trends and changes they can expect.

Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2021 as Aftereffects of a Volatile Year Linger

Marketers faced a lot of challenges in 2020. Unfortunately, they’re not out of the woods just yet. While a new year is a fresh start, 2021 will also bring its own set of challenges. Here are eight trends to be aware of as you navigate this new year with your team.

Paid Media Marketing in 2021

How are paid marketers tweaking their strategy in 2021? Search Engine Journal shares the changes you should be making to your paid media strategy this year. They include implementing passing ads, creating very specific funnels, and forecasting by source and time.

Social Media Analytics 101: The Data That Matters Most

If 2021 is the year you up your social media game, then you’re going to need an analytics strategy to make the most of it. Social media offers a lot of data and it’d be nearly impossible to track all of it. These are the important metrics marketers should be tracking to make their social media strategy a success.

The Five Types of Utility in Marketing

Utility-based marketing is a great way to further understand the value consumers gain from using your product or service. This guide from HubSpot shares what exactly utility-based marketing is and the common utility types. They include: utility of time, utility of place, and utility of information.

How to Structure a Great Content Team

Maybe your goal for 2021 is to create a well-structured content team and strategy. These 21 tips from over 50 content experts will guide you in creating the best team for executing a killer content strategy.

The 30 Best Creative Brand Moves of 2020

One thing that really thrived in 2020 was creativity. Brands got very creative this year and pivoted in response to the challenges and uncertainty 2020 threw at them. Brands like Lego, Patagonia, and Calm (along with many others) topped the list of creative brand moves of 2020.