Issue 149: How marketers really feel about working remotely

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by Melina Panitsidis on February 24, 2021 - 4 minute read

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By the numbers: Super Bowl LV

TL;DR— a deep dive into how this year’s Super Bowl ads and how they fared. A total of 96 ads aired, with an overall in-game spend of $545 million. First-time advertisers like DoorDash, Fiverr, and Reddit, snatched up ad spots while serial Super Bowl advertisers like Coca-Cola and Budweiser sat this year out.

Nielsen Introduces Cookieless System to Track Online Actions

TL;DR— Nielsen has rolled out a new solution, named Identity Sync, that uses non-cookie person-based identifiers to help marketers measure advertising campaigns. Identity Sync joins a roster of solutions from other companies as the industry navigates and prepares for a cookieless web.

Will Clubhouse Be the Next Social Media Platform for Marketers?

TL;DR— the new invite-only audio chat app has already attracted many consumers and big brand names alike. Restaurant Brands International (think Burger King and Popeyes) wasted no time testing Clubhouse out for an hour-long executive chat to raise brand awareness. And although it’s too early to tell, the app could potentially be a brand new digital channel for marketers.

Maryland’s Digital Advertising Tax Is a Mess

TL;DR— The state of Maryland is being sued for going after big tech with the first-ever digital advertising tax law in the country. The lawsuit claims that the new law goes against the Internet Tax Freedom Act and violates clauses of the Constitution. Legal issues aside, some experts believe the tax will actually hurt small businesses and publishers rather than help them.

Facebook Employee Called Inflated Ad Metrics ‘Deeply Wrong’

TL;DR— Facebook is in the hot seat, again. The tech giant is being accused of inflating advertisers’ audience reach estimates and will likely be going to trial. It appears that Facebook executives were aware of the misleading metrics but refused to address them because of the impact it would have on revenue.


🗂 For the marketers who are still in the process of planning for 2021.

💻 This is how 496 marketers across the US really feel about working remotely.

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📝 Copyright your way to an offer consumers can’t refuse with these four elements.

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