Issue 128: What goal are 89% of marketers most focused on?

According to Venngage, the majority of marketers’ main goal is brand awareness.

Facebook is saying farewell to its CMO, an analysis of Google search trends during lockdown, how to achieve a strong brand presence, SEO horror stories (😱), a study on video media buying, a different way to visualize the customer journey, the difference between a pipe and a dash in title tags, and tips for doing your best writing work.

Facebook Marketing Chief Antonio Lucio is Leaving

(Almost) former CMO of Facebook, Antonio Lucio, has big plans to dedicate his time to diversity and inclusion in the marketing industry. The marketing exec has been recognized as one of the most influential CMOs in the world by Forbes and has worked for companies like HP and Visa before joining the social media platform. While the tech giant itself has been under extreme fire over multiple issues, Lucio pushed for diversity in his own day-to-day requiring ad agencies they worked with to include people of all backgrounds.

People Are in Search for Connection During the Lockdown

Search Engine Watch did an analysis of Google search trends throughout the pandemic. Here’s what they found: most people are looking for comfort with an uptick in searches like “puppies” and “home baking”, hobbies/games like puzzles and monopoly have also seen an increase in search traffic, and one of the more obvious “virtual meetings” has seen a huge surge.

How Strong Brand Presence Can Help and How to Achieve It

With 89% of marketers making their main goal brand awareness, it’s important to have a plan in place to achieve it. Here are five tips to increase awareness for your brand that include a clear positioning, social media presence, and being consistent.

SEO Horror Stories: Here’s What Not to Do

SEO is complicated. Instead of another how-to SEO guide, here are three things not to do. The article includes real-life fails (hey, it happens), plus key takeaways.

Video Impressions Rose 40% On CTV Platforms in Q2

A study from Extreme Reach found media buying patterns are shifting. Advertisers are relying on media aggregators rather than premium publishers to buy video ad inventory, which suggests they’re working with lower budgets. The report also shared insights into consumer consumption habits as viewership has been on the rise.

Visualizing the 5 Locations of Today's Customer Journey

One way to think of the different customer journey phases is as five separate locations. This guide offers a different way to visualize the customer journey and navigate the digital marketing landscape— complete with a visual representation of the whole analogy.

Three Ways a Pipe or Dash in Title Tag Makes a Difference

Does using a pipe or a dash in title tags actually make a difference? Yes. This Twitter discussion led to three viewpoints on why there is a difference. For example, the pipe character saves more pixel space than a dash.

8 Tips for Doing Your Best Work in 2020

In a bit of a writing slump? This illustrative infographic shares eight tips to help you do your best work and grow over time.

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