Issue 133: Influencer marketing is on 🔥

Forget what you thought you knew about advertising alongside news content.

Facebook has a new CMO, how B2B content marketers have responded to the pandemic, what consumers think about brands that advertise alongside news, why influencer marketing has taken over, why consumers sign up for webinars, how to run effective advertising campaigns, marketing books you should read, and inspirational quotes to keep you motivated.

Facebook Names New CMO as it Looks to Meld Trust-Building with Tech Focus

Facebook has promoted one of their own, Alex Schultz, to take on the role of CMO. The new exec will combine his area of expertise in product growth and analytics with purpose led marketing initiatives to foster trust with the tech giant’s users, advertisers, and regulators.

New Research Details How B2B Content Marketers are Responding to COVID-19

The Content Marketing Institute has recently released their B2B Content Marketing Research Report where they dive into industry trends, benchmarks, and budgets. However, this year’s report includes insights into how marketers responded to the global pandemic. It shares how marketers changed their content strategies and adapted to the uncertainty.

More Than a Third of Consumers Say Their Trust in Brands Grows When Companies Advertise Alongside News Content

A new study from the IAB shares that the majority of consumers stated their trust in brands either grows or remains the same when seeing an ad in news content. Although brand safety still remains a concern since the type of content (positive or negative) plays a big role in how consumers will perceive a brand.

Influencer Marketing is the Brightest Spot in Brand Promotion

Influencer marketing has taken over as the dominant brand awareness tactic this year. This makes sense, given the huge surge in social media usage. This, plus the pandemic's impact, has created new ways for marketers to leverage and embrace influencer marketing to engage with audiences online.

Why Consumers Sign Up for Webinars

Virtual events, like webinars, have been around since before marketers were forced to take their events online. Now that online events have become the norm throughout the world, webinars can be used to make an even bigger impact on your company’s bottom line— if planned and executed correctly. Here HubSpot shares data on why consumers sign up for webinars along with how to plan a successful one.

Advertising as a Marketing Tool to Reach and Influence Customers

Advertising has been around for a long time. And while the digital age has forced consumers to develop banner blindness with an oversaturated online ad experience, it’s still a vital strategy for marketing. The challenge is knowing how to implement and launch an ad campaign that’s credible and informative without being annoying.

Best Marketing Books of All Time

If you’re looking to brush up on your marketing skills, here is a list of ten books to keep on your radar. Topics range from best practices to specific marketing areas like social media and content marketing.

365 Marketing Quotes to Keep You Fired Up All Year

We could always use a little inspiration here and there. Here’s a list of 365 marketing quotes to keep you inspired and motivated all year long.

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