Issue 138: In-game advertising is the next big thing in marketing

Arts and crafts with Phyllis from The Office anyone?

This week: the rise of mobile consumption and its impact, defining the nuances between B2C and B2B advertising, Joann’s fun holiday campaign, a guide to building organic links, how to write engaging headlines (with examples), and graphic design trends for 2021.

Why Brands Need to Get Better at In-Game Advertising

While mobile consumption was on the rise before, the pandemic has accelerated how much time consumers spend on their mobile devices. This directly influences the number of opportunities in-app advertising offers. Marketers should stop sleeping on in-game advertising, and start embracing it as a practical upper funnel ad channel.

Mobile Viewing Now Accounts for Over 40% of All Video Consumption Hours

More on mobile— a report from Parks Associates found that over 40% of Gen Z’s video consumption is on mobile. What does this mean? Well with Gen Z becoming more and more active in the overall economy, brands will need to take advantage of how they consume content online if they hope to reach them effectively.

Preparing for Google’s Mobile-Only Index

Google is going mobile-first in March 2021. This means that Google will only be using mobile content to crawl and index websites. Here’s a guide that explains why this change is happening, what it means for the web, and how brands can prepare their websites to avoid any negative impact.

Uncovering the Differences Between B2C and B2B Digital Marketing

At the end of the day, all marketing is people-based. However, there are specific nuances marketers should consider when it comes to B2C and B2B marketing strategies. This article lays out the differences between the two and what you should focus on in terms of funnel and creative strategy.

Joann Crafts at Home with Phyllis from 'The Office' in Holiday Campaign

Joann Crafts combines craft influencers and popular American sitcom character, Phyllis from The Office, in their new holiday campaign. The campaign is presented in a documentary-style web series and focuses on connecting with consumers through current events like working from home during a pandemic. The company plans to wrap up the campaign with a sweepstakes giveaway. Now this is what we call fun marketing.

A Comprehensive Guide to Building Organic Links

Backlinks are an important part of an SEO strategy. This guide shares how to build an effective organic link strategy, dives into the difference between organic links and link building, and how to avoid low-quality links.

23 Examples of Highly-Engaging Homepage Headlines

Headlines are important. It’s the first thing we see on a website, in an email, on an ad, or when reading a blog post. Here are 23 examples to keep your headlines fresh and engaging.

8 Digital and Graphic Design Trends to Inspire Your Business in 2021 and Beyond

Who doesn’t love a good design aesthetic? Social Media Today shares an infographic on the design trends we can expect in the upcoming years. They include responsive clutter, maximalism, and disharmonious color combos.

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