Issue 139: Your holiday marketing insights are here 🎄

The holiday season is upon us.

OOH ads are on the rise, digital marketing changes in 2020, Twitter’s new ad format, key insights for ecommerce during the holiday season, the DTC brand aesthetic phenomenon, Amazon Ads’ impressive ROI, Twitch’s multiplayer ads explained, how to protect your marketing budget from common pitfalls, and the blogging insights you should be monitoring.

OOH Ads Could Sway Shoppers On Black Friday and Cyber Monday

How are consumers keeping an eye out for holiday discounts and deals? According to a recent survey from the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA), 43% are looking to ad signage for special offers. While OOH advertising slowed down this year with less commuting throughout the world, it’s beginning to increase because of the upcoming holiday season. And advertisers are wasting no time in taking advantage of it.

How Has Digital Marketing Changed in 2020?

The end of 2020 is near. Crazy right? This year, marketing went through a lot of ups and downs. Here are the major changes in digital marketing. They include empathy being the new normal, seeing marketing as a connector of things, content forms like webinars and fireside chats being on the rise, and more.

Twitter Introduces Carousel Ads

Tweet tweet— Twitter jumps on the carousel ad bandwagon joining other tech giants like LinkedIn and Facebook. For advertisers leveraging Twitter Ads, this is a completely new format they’ll be able to test on the platform. During beta testing, the social platform saw an average of 15% increase in CTR with the new ad format.

Key Insights: Ecommerce, Omnichannel Marketing, CTV, and Holiday Season Conversions

How can ecommerce businesses strengthen their marketing efforts during the holiday season? This article dives into stats pulled from a survey conducted by eBay Ads on the state of ecommerce, omnichannel marketing strategies, key buyer stages to focus on, and the importance of video advertising.

Is the DTC Brand Aesthetic Bad for Business?

Ever wonder why many of the DTC brands we see today have similar branding? It has a lot to do with how these brand aesthetics represent a generation— in this case, millennials. The Marketing Dive chatted with Creative Director, Emmett Shine to chat more about this bland brand phenomenon and why it works.

Amazon Ads Have 20% Higher ROI Than Average Brand Marketing

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Amazon Ads is quickly making a name for itself. A report from Analytic Partners found that compared to average brand marketing, Amazon advertising has a 20% higher ROI. This stat alone makes it pretty clear that retailers can find success on the newer ad platform.

Twitch Is Testing ‘Multiplayer Ads’ That Creators Can Use to Make Money

In other advertising news, Twitch is experimenting with a new ad format. The multiplayer ad format is currently in beta and is a way for creators to make money. The ad itself is chosen by a streamer and is shown to every viewer. Given the platform’s current ad format, this appears to be a better approach for everyone involved according to users.

Seven Things Ruining Your B2B Marketing Budget—And How to Fix Them

Are you wasting your marketing budget? MarketingProfs shares seven common pitfalls with marketing budgets and how marketers can avoid them to make the most of their $$$.

Amazing Blogging Insights Your Analytics Can Tell You

Digging into your blog data is valuable when it comes to informing your overall content strategy. HubSpot shares 15 insights marketers should be taking advantage of!

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