Issue 126: Goodbye TikTok, hello Reels? 👋

A new TikTok is born.

A spike in B2B digital ad spend, Facebook’s launch of Reels on Instagram, future expectations for event marketing, where you should really start marketing your business, Wix’s clever new marketing campaign, the future of influencer marketing, Facebook vs Google advertising, and growth marketing professionals you should be following.

US B2B Digital Ad Spend Soars 22.6%

Against all odds, B2B digital ad spend is up 22.6%. When you actually think about it, this growth surge makes sense. Since the pandemic hit, we’re all spending more time online (whether we want to admit it or not), so marketers have shifted their budgets to accommodate this. However, other traditional tactics have taken a major hit which has resulted in a 9.6% decrease in B2B ad spend overall.

Facebook Launches Instagram Reels Globally Amidst TikTok Drama

Facebook spared literally no time in trying to capitalize on the conflict between TikTok and the US administration. The tech giant recently launched its own version of the popular short-form video platform on Instagram. Only time will tell if Reels will fill the void that TikTok would leave behind if banned from the US.

71% of Marketers Expect Virtual Events to Continue Beyond 2020

A new survey from the 614 Group has uncovered new findings about the future of event marketing. While 71% of marketers in the survey agreed that virtual events will be the only option for the rest of the year, the majority of respondents expect that virtual elements are here to stay even when the industry returns to in-person events.

Where Should You Start Marketing a New Business or Product?

TL;DR— you don’t need to do all the things. All you really need is a strong understanding of your audience and one or two tactics to start with that: (1) you have interest in, (2) reach your target audience, and (3) allows you to provide value.

Wix Admits Its Ads Annoy With Campaign Centered On Outlandish Viewer Complaints

What’s a marketer to do if a campaign is receiving not-so-great feedback? Take a page from Wix’s playbook and embrace it. The web development platform didn’t shy away from users’ complaining about constantly being exposed to the brand’s online ads. In fact, they created an entirely new campaign that revolved around real-life negative comments made by consumers— and guess what? It’s working.

Influencer Campaign Volume Slipped 3% During Pandemic

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been #influenced 🙋‍♀️. Well according to Forrester, it looks like influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere despite the 3% decrease in campaigns. A small poll found that marketers expect influencer marketing investments will continue to grow.

Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads: Which Is Better?

When it comes to paid advertising, Facebook and Google are two of the major players in the game. But that doesn’t mean that you should be throwing your advertising budget at them without making a proper evaluation first. This guide shares how to choose the right platform for your company’s needs.

Growth Professionals to Follow on GrowthHackers Community

If you’re looking for some marketing inspiration, resources, and insights online, look no further. GrowthHackers compiled a list of 15 marketing professionals worth following complete with a short bio, where to follow them, and popular posts they’ve written.

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