Issue 127: So, this is where customer loyalties stand now

What’s your formula for the perfect piece of content?

How COVID-19 has impacted customer loyalty, the acceleration of digital marketing onto new paths, where you should be focusing your optimization efforts, why interactive content is such a good idea, the basics of brand positioning, SEO opportunities to act on now, and six content assets to help your sales team close those deals!

What COVID-19 Did to Customer Loyalty

While surveys show consumers have become more loyal to brands than the previous year, the global pandemic has caused a shift in shopping patterns— mainly due to product availability. However, this shift has brought to light some pretty damaging problems for brands that include difficult return processes and hard-to-navigate websites.

Digital Marketing Is Accelerating – So What’s Next?

2020 hasn’t been all bad. 2020 has catapulted digital marketing forward onto new paths. Hallam is planning on updating and re-releasing their Future of Digital Marketing eBook, but until then here are six key themes marketers can expect from it: ePrivacy disruptors, zero-click search, development beyond just websites, UX as a ranking factor, new challenges for SEO & PPC, and the future of web development is headless.

Desktop, Mobile, or Voice?

Where should marketers be focusing their optimization efforts? This Whiteboard Friday dives into insights on navigating the multi-platform world and why optimizing the customer journey is more important than touchpoints.

Why Now’s the Time for Interactive Content

Spending all our time indoors and online definitely gets old. That’s why the Content Marketing Institute thinks now is the perfect time to shake things up with your content and make it more interactive. They share some common interactive content formats and how it fits into different marketing purposes, along with real-life examples.

How to Come Up With the Perfect Content Idea

What types of elements do all great pieces of content share? Amanda Milligan, Marketing Director at Fractl, shares the three elements every piece of content needs in order to be truly great.

The Basics of Brand Positioning

Brand positioning, whether you actively seek to influence it or not, has an impact on your overall brand image. This guide explains what brand positioning is and how to get started with your own brand positioning.

SEO In the Second Half of 2020: Five Search Opportunities to Act On Now

If 2020 taught marketers anything, it’s that your overall yearly plan can change in the blink of an eye. As we enter the second half (what?!) of the year, there are some SEO opportunities to start acting on now. They include rebuilding your understanding of key markets, reconsidering consumers’ content needs, and empowering the AI assistant.

Content Assets to Help Your Sales Team Close More Deals

Alignment between marketing and sales is critical to a business. So how can marketing assist sales with closing more deals? One way is to arm sales with quality content for them to wow prospects. Here are six content assets to provide your sales team with so they can close more deals.

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