Issue 125: Breaking up (with Facebook) is hard to do 💔

Is your brand in good health?

This week: some news on the Facebook boycott, everything you need to know about CCPA 2.0, changing consumer brand preferences, how the top advertisers in the world are spending their budgets, how to break up with Facebook, alternative ideas to cookie tracking, the importance of measuring brand health, an infographic of B2B lead generation strategy ideas, and 100 different types of content you should be trying.

More Than 1,000 Companies Boycotted Facebook. Did It Work?

By now, everyone knows brands of all sizes boycotted Facebook in July. The result? Well, it’s no surprise that the tech giant didn’t take a major hit in the revenue department, given its overall authority in online advertising. However, Facebook’s reputation is a different story, with the social platform often seen as a “hate speech” publisher in addition to their lack of concern for other issues such as user privacy.

What Is CPRA (CCPA 2.0) And Its Implications for Ad Tech?

California’s not done showing the rest of the country how to handle personal consumer data rights. While the CCPA kicked off in January, major amendments are already being proposed— dubbed the CPRA. The California Privacy Rights Act of 2020 would aim to clearly define ambiguous language and patch up loopholes in the CCPA.

45% of Consumers Have Changed Brand Preferences During Pandemic

There’s a lot going on right now, and with that comes drastic changes to consumer preferences. According to a recent study from Ketchum, 45% of consumers have changed one or more of their brand preferences. This number will only increase as consumers continue to hold brands accountable for taking action against ethical, safety, diversity, and inclusion issues.

How the World’s Biggest Advertisers Are Spending (Or Not) As the Pandemic Grinds On

The pandemic has had and continues to have marketers adapting their strategies as they go. Here’s how the top 10 advertisers in the world— like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Unilever— are adjusting their marketing strategies.

What Brands Need to Do If They Want to Break Up with Facebook

The divide between brands and tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Amazon is only getting bigger due to a significant disconnect in values. But how can brands survive when these tech giants own almost 70% of the ad market? It’s possible, but requires a complete overhaul of the advertising landscape as it is today.

Here’s An Alternative to Cookies for User Tracking

How are you planning on replacing cookie-based tracking? As we get closer to the cookie’s inevitable extinction, brands are scrambling to find worthy alternatives. Here’s one— passing a unique identifier connected to user IDs.

Brand Health Metrics and How to Measure Them

We’ve said it once, and we’re going to keep saying it— a brand is everything. Measuring your branding efforts is just as important as measuring other marketing campaigns. To help get you started, here are seven brand health metrics to measure. They include share of voice, brand reputation, brand equity, and net promoter score.

B2B Lead Gen Strategies to Aid Your Marketing Efforts

Not-so-fun fact: the primary challenge 85% of B2B marketers face is lead generation. There are a ton of strategies out there for marketers to bring in leads that it can be overwhelming to find one right for your brand. This infographic compiles 21 B2B lead generation tactics to supplement your current marketing efforts.

100 Types of Content: The Definitive Guide for Marketers

Running out of content ideas? Tired of publishing the same type of content over and over again? If you answered yes, then this guide is for you. Search Engine Journal shares 100 different types of content to use in your marketing. We’re willing to bet there are quite a few you haven’t thought of!

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