Why do brands make videos?

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by Melina Panitsidis on December 2, 2020 - 2 minute read

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Podcasts are so in right now.

The major trends from Black Friday, questions marketers need to answer about their 2021 strategy, a study on the effectiveness of podcast ads, ad demand growth making a comeback, why brands make videos, social media predictions for the new year, and popular blog posts that boost site traffic.

Winners and losers of Black Friday 2020

There were some major trends that stood out this Thanksgiving. E-commerce hit a record high this Black Friday with a total of $9 billion in sales and curbside pickups from online purchases increasing 52% from last year. Large retailers also experienced a surge in online sales with a collective increase of 403%.

Three Questions Digital Marketers Should Ask About Their 2021 Strategy

How are you preparing for your 2021 marketing strategy? With 2020 marketing lessons in mind (let’s be honest, there were a lot), marketers should be asking some hard questions to prepare for the new year— such as how they plan to re-engineer their marketing approaches and what their game plan is for the end of cookies.

Are Host-Read Podcast Ads More Effective?

Nielsen recently conducted a study to assess the effectiveness of different podcast ad types.The report found that host-read podcast ads drive higher brand lift than non-host read ads. They’re also more effective in driving things like familiarity and purchase intent.

Demand Climbs Just 0.7% In October, Top Ad Categories Driving Growth

According to MediaPost, digital advertising is one of the main categories driving small growth gains made in October. Although the 0.7% increase isn’t significant, it is the third consecutive month of ad demand growth since the market started recovering from the global pandemic.

The Top 5 Reasons Brands Make Videos

Fun fact: including the word “video” in an email subject line increases its chance of being opened by 19%. Video has quickly become a popular medium with marketers but what exactly is it used for? According to research from Wave.video, the main reasons marketers use video is to increase brand awareness, drive new sales, and to grow a community.

Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2021

New year, new predictions. Social Media Today breaks down the top 25 social media marketing predictions by all of the major channels. They address Facebook’s messaging merger, Twitter’s Fleets, Instagram’s new shopping tab, Snapchat’s partnership with Apple, and more.

Most Popular Types of Blog Posts Guaranteed to Boost Traffic

These are the seven types of blog posts that deliver major results. This guide shares why they’re so effective and also dives into how to write blog posts with search intent in mind to get even more visibility.