Issue 130: 27 blogs marketers swear by

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IAB’s survey on ad spend into next year, mobile marketing trends to watch, the blogs marketing experts love to read, why you should prioritize SEO over paid advertising, how to create 10x content, why digital media and marketing are not the same, and strategies for improving customer retention rates.

US Digital Ad Spend Will Grow 6% This Year Amid Broader Slowdown

A recent survey from the IAB found that digital ad spend in the US is expected to grow 6% while traditional advertising like print, TV, and radio will decrease 30%. The survey clearly indicates marketers are putting their spend across channels that have seen a significant increase in usage such as search and social media. It also found only 30% of media buyers expect their overall ad spending to grow in 2021, while the remaining 70% don’t have an estimate just yet.

Mobile Marketing Trends for Late 2020, Early 2021

The state of 2020 has shifted the way consumers use mobile devices. While mobile was on the rise before, the events of 2020 have fast-tracked certain trends. Some of these trends include the growth of m-commerce, an increase in voice control and search, and higher mobile ad engagement. The pandemic has also influenced specific app categories with mobile games, remote work, fitness, and food delivery apps seeing an uptick in usage.

Top Digital Marketing Blogs Read by Marketers

There are a lot of marketing blogs out there. This list dives into the top 27 marketing blogs that industry experts rely on for all things marketing. It includes blogs from HubSpot, SaaStr, Buffer, Social Media Today, and more.

Why SEO Should Be Prioritized Over Paid Media Campaigns

SEO and paid media strategies are often combined in a company’s marketing plan. This article dives into the five reasons marketers should prioritize SEO over paid media. They include things like cost-effectiveness, longevity, and sustainability.

How to Create 10x Content

How can you make your content 10x better than what’s currently out there? Rand Fishkin explains step-by-step how to create 10x content in this edition of Whiteboard Friday. He also threw in 119 examples of this type of content.

Digital Media and Marketing: Media and Marketing Aren’t Synonyms

Digital media is something that falls under marketing as a whole. However, both must work together if marketers want to achieve their overall goals. This article shares how digital media fits into marketing, an overview of core marketing concepts, digital marketing tactics, and how to adapt marketing in today’s digital world.

Effective Ways for Improving Your Customer Retention Rate

Your customer should be at the center of all your marketing efforts. If they’re not, it’s time to re-evaluate your strategy. This guide shares insights from over 65 marketers on improving customer retention rates. With 26 tactics, there’s a strategy for everyone.

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