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How to scale your brand in 2021, the information sources B2B buyers rely on most, how CPG brands are experimenting for a post-cookies world, eMarketer and the IAB chat digital advertising disruption, and how these brands’ marketing and sales teams find alignment.

4 Digital Marketing Lessons To Scale Your Brand in 2021

If 2020 showed us anything, it’s how quickly things can change. Here are some more lessons marketers should take with them into 2021. They include the emphasis marketers should be putting on the user experience, giving your brand a relatable identity through influencer marketing, and the accelerated rise of mobile-first marketing.

The Information Sources B2B Tech Buyers Most Rely On

How do B2B tech buyers get reliable information when making a purchase? According to recent research from TrustRadius, product demos holds the number one spot followed by a product’s website and user reviews. Additionally, the report found that free trials, product demos, and user reviews were the most trusted and influential sources of information for buyers.

CPG Marketers Roll The Dice On New Experiments Amid Data Upheaval

Consumer packaged goods companies will face more challenges with the death of third-party cookies. Why? Because historically, CPG purchases are made through retail websites making CPG brands unable to obtain that first-party data. In an attempt to rely less on cookies and walled gardens, we can expect an uptick of new experiments from CPG marketing.

[Podcast] David Cohen of the IAB On How Digital Advertising Is Adjusting To Disruption

eMarketer sits down with the CEO of the IAB in this podcast episode where they chat about the current state of digital advertising and how it’s adapted this year. They discuss connected TV, the optimistic growth of digital ads, factors that might impact that growth, and challenges faced by the IAB.

How These Brands Mastered Marketing and Sales Alignment

Alignment between sales and marketing is critical for company success. Mastering this alignment can help your teams close more deals and drive more revenue. Here are eight brands that have figured out the perfect formula for marketing and sales alignment.

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