Issue 124: 4 content types consumers engage with the most

Direct mail marketing is alive and well.

How to improve lead generation for B2B, a killer content marketing strategy you might not have thought of, the state of direct mail in today’s marketing mix, the content types consumers are engaging with, how to implement an ABM strategy with a small team, and the perks of marketing on TikTok (plus, what the platform can improve on!)

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How B2B Leaders Can Improve Lead Generation in Their Organizations

B2B companies with a developed lead generation process generate 133% more revenue than those without. And while creating a winning process takes a lot of time, there are certain things you can do to help get you there. Some of these things include: evaluating resources, investing in marketing automation tools, and sharing more with your audience.

Content Marketing Superpower: Small, Invite-Only, Amplifier Groups

Content marketing can take many forms. One such form is creating small, invite-only amplifier groups to share your content and expand your reach. Rand Fishkin shares his insights on why this strategy works so well and how to build your own amplification list.

84% of Marketers State Direct Mail Improves Multichannel Campaign Performance

Would you believe me if I told you that multichannel marketing campaigns that include direct mail report an ROI 18% more than campaigns without it? I wouldn’t either. Luckily, these findings were shared in The State of Multichannel Marketing report from PFL. The report surveyed 600 marketers about multichannel marketing, target audiences, direct mail, and more.

Four Content Types That Users Really Engage With

What types of content have seen success during global lockdown? Community content, educational content, uplifting content, and omnichannel content seem to be the most popular among consumers these days.

Why ABM Is Your Small Team's Secret Weapon

Account-based marketing is possible for small teams. Here HubSpot dives into the basics of ABM and how marketers can reap its benefits with a small team and few resources.

TikTok Is a Marketer’s Shiny New Toy, But How Do You Optimize Campaigns?

By now, marketers know the value TikTok has brought as a social channel. TechCrunch takes a look into what makes TikTok such an appealing channel for marketers and what the social platform can improve on to make it a long-term marketing tactic for brands.

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