Issue 75: How a Cold Email Brought One Company 750 Clients

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by Melina Panitsidis on July 10, 2019 - 3 minute read


The cold email is not dead (if you know how to execute it properly).

This week: Automation and the positive impact it’s had on marketing, crafting a cold email that delivers results, the basics of omnichannel marketing, content that really engages your audience, and much more.

How a Cold B2B Email Brought Us 750 Clients→

Most cold emails fail at what they’ve been designed to do, but every once in a while, when done correctly, they can be very helpful in growing your business. Dmitry Chervonyi, CMO of Belkins LeadGen company, provides five actionable insights jam-packed with examples to help you create an effective cold email. These are the same tips, examples, and tools he used for a cold email that increased their client base by 750.

The State of Marketing Automation in 2019→

Automation has quickly become a buzzword across all divisions of the modern office from accounting to human resources. The most significant impact automation has made however, has been in marketing. In a recent survey, 64% of marketers stated that automation was a contributing factor in increased sales, engagement, and overall business insights. While this proves automation has a positive impact on marketing efforts, another study found only 4% of marketers think they are using it to its fullest potential.

Everything You Need to Know About OmniChannel Marketing→

With so many channels out there today— think email, social media, video, events, and others— your audience can really be anywhere. Enter, the omnichannel. Omnichannel marketing is a strategy that involves multiple channels working together to provide a seamless customer experience. When executed properly, omnichannel can provide many benefits and consumer insights for your business.

What Content Really Engages? The Inside Scoop From 30 Marketers→

Not all content is created equal. Different types of content result in varying levels of engagement. According to experts at Content Marketing World 2019, there are certain conditions that prompt an audience to engage or trust a brand. Content that connects emotionally, sparks delight, and provides useful information are just a few concepts noted. These marketers also dive into great examples of brands that are creating engagement with their content.

How to Syndicate Your Content and Drive Action→

Marketers are seeing a lot of success with syndicating their own content across other platforms to help drive lead generation and improve brand awareness. This guide breaks down how to optimize your content syndication campaigns through three steps that will help provide the best results for your business.

The Best Methods To Get High Quality Leads On Social Media→

Today, marketers are well aware of the power of social media in providing brand visibility, expanding their reach and improving lead generation. But are you employing the best possible techniques to get leads that will actually convert? Some methods like geo-targeted searches seem obvious, while other more complex methods like incorporating word-of-mouth into your social strategy can make all the difference.

Re:Growth Podcast: Serving the Right Content at the Right Time with Brandi Smith from Uberflip→

In this episode of Season 2 of our podcast we’re joined by the VP of Demand Generation and Marketing at Uberflip. Brandi discusses the unique strategies Uberflip employs with content to move prospects further down its funnel and sheds light on exactly how content marketing can lead to revenue growth in a way that’s more science than art.

The best welcome message examples to onboard and welcome new users→

The beginning of any relationship is fragile. When on-boarding new customers, your strategy can be the reason they decide to stay or leave. A powerful welcome strategy that makes a new user feel valued and starts to build trust from the beginning is the first step to developing a strong foundation of your working relationship. These examples will help you spark some inspiration for how you welcome your next wave of new users!

8 Myths About Marketing Automation→

Marketing automation has the power to change your business entirely. Streamlined business processes, better consumer insights, and more time to focus on other areas of business are noted benefits. Understanding what marketing automation is and isn’t, however is important when getting started.