Issue 72: Internet Trends of 2019: Midyear Checkup

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by Joshua Schnell on June 19, 2019 - 3 minute read


We’re halfway through 2019. What’s been trending on the internet this year?

Last week, Mary Meeker dropped her annual internet trends report. Don’t have time to read through 333 slides? Check out these 11 key takeaways and industry insights.

Some other mid-year updates: Tech companies lead as the world’s most valuable brands, Pandora is consulting brands on audio marketing strategies, marketers are seeking advertising alternatives, and email remains a strong marketing channel— make sure your subject lines are on point.

Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends Report: 11 Highlights (and Lots of Industry Insights)→

The results are in on the internet trends of 2019. The report covers industry firsts like Americans spending more time on mobile devices than watching TV, to more obvious trends like the effectiveness of free trials for streaming services. Some insights, such as Fortnite acting more like a social network than a video game, are sure to surprise you!

The Huge Trend That Realigned the Media Industry Is Over→

Speaking of trends— Mary Meeker’s report revealed that advertising dollars have finally caught up to time spent on the internet. Where did this opportunity gap go? It’s probably no surprise that 90% of digital advertising growth came from Facebook and Google alone.

The World’s 100 Most Valuable Brands in 2019→

What does it take for a company to build an established global brand in 2019? These 100 companies know a thing or two. To no one’s surprise, tech companies have dominated the list for yet another year.

Pandora debuts in-house audio consultancy as marketers tune up sound strategies→

Pandora wants to help brands find their unique sound as audiences streaming audio online continue to grow. Even though audio identities aren’t a new concept, mobile marketers are quickly realizing that users engaging with their smartphones aren’t necessarily looking at them. Studio Resonate seeks to use its extensive user data, along with its knowledge of audio trends to help brands build strong audio marketing strategies.

Content Syndication & Distribution: How To Drive More People to Your Content→

What you do after you hit publish has become increasingly important in 2019 - and having an understanding of how your different channels play a part in your distribution efforts can make or break your content. Utilize these strategies to get your content in front of more people and ultimately drive more leads.

Email Subject Line Best Practices to Make Click-Through Rates Soar→

All marketers know an email is only as good as its subject line. If you can’t grab your readers’ attention with the subject line, the content of the email will likely go unread. Optimize your open and click-through rates with these best practices.

How We Created A Newsletter That Helps Us Close $50k Deals From Cold Leads→

Newsletters are an effective way to engage with your audience while providing value to them. When planned and executed properly, newsletters can turn cold leads into loyal customers. At the very least, it puts your brand on the map for consumers.

Fun fact: Re:Growth started as a passion project here at BuySellAds.

Marketers spending 43% of budgets on Google, Facebook, Amazon, want ‘alternatives’→

It’s no secret that Google, Facebook, and Amazon dominate the majority of advertising budgets. However, a recent survey from Lawless Research and Factual shows many marketers would like alternatives despite almost half of them stating their ROI across these tech-giants outperforms other platforms.

Ad revenue's growth streak continues, but a few clouds loom, report says→

The Magna Advertising Forecast has projected that digital ad sales will account for more than half of all global ad sales for the first time in history. While overall ad sales in the US are expected to reach an all-time high, growth is expected to regress in the second half of 2019.