Issue 76: 2019’s most effective brand awareness campaigns so far

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by Cole Heggie on July 17, 2019 - 4 minute read


Does influencer marketing still work?

This week: Influencer marketing is so commonplace its effects are starting to fade. Could micro-influencer marketing be the solution? Plus the 24 best email subject lines, the most effective sales enablement content, 2019’s best marketing campaigns so far, and more.

Micro-Influencer Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide

Everyone’s seen a high profile influencer endorse their “favorite” pre-workout smoothie. But what about a not-so-obvious endorsement from a niche account with less than 2,000 followers? Companies are starting to apply influencer marketing on a micro-level (1000 -> 10,000), allowing them to dial into specific niches at scale while bypassing some of the pitfalls associated with high profile influencer marketing. Some of the benefits include higher engagement rates, better targeting, affordability, and more authenticity.

6 Smart Ways to Use Content Marketing for SaaS Customer Retention

The value of a lifelong customer, especially in SaaS, cannot be understated. Elise Dopson’s practical guide lays out how she uses content marketing to help retain customers. Her advice includes everything from rethinking your onboarding process, to creating a help center, to providing advice on utilizing your product best, and sharing behind the scenes learning.

24 of the Best Email Subject Lines We've Ever Seen


“Don’t open this email.” “The timer’s going off on your cart.” “Where to drink beer right now.” These are a few examples of email subject lines that worked tremendously well for various companies. Hubspot breaks down their favorite 24 subject lines along with what made them so effective. 

Measuring Syndicated Content Campaigns with Google Analytics

Many companies are seeing a large amount of success syndicating their own content on other platforms like Feedly, Digg, and others to drive brand awareness and lead generation. But how do they measure success? This practical guide breaks down the easiest ways to see what works for your content syndication campaigns. 

Study: Influencers Can’t Even Influence Anymore

Even our favorite Instagram accounts have succumbed to influencer advertising, and people are getting tired of constantly seeing not-so-subtle product endorsements. New data suggests influencer engagement rates are at an all-time low, having fallen across every industry from an average of 8-10% engagement to under 5%. 

Top 10 Content Marketing Trends Impacting your 2020 Content Experience Strategy

Content remains an important piece of any marketing strategy, but how it is created, distributed, and consumed is changing in 2019. Companies are utilizing new methods for getting the most out of their content strategy, including an omnichannel focus, micro-moment marketing, conversational content with AI, smart content, and data-driven creativity.

Why You Need to Embrace Cross-Device Attribution

Consumers are using multiple devices. Is your attribution strategy taking this into account? With multi-device attribution, companies are improving transparency and gaining a clear view of how their consumers are affecting key performance indicators. This guide outlines the benefits of a cohesive attribution strategy and how cross-device attribution can be implemented.

9 Buzzworthy Campaigns That Set Brands Apart in 2019's First Half

The first half of 2019 has already seen some very creative branding campaigns, including Gillette’s attempt at redefining masculinity with “We Believe” and KFC’s viral Mother’s Day campaign. Marketing Dive breaks down ten of their favorite branding initiatives this year so far as well as what made them so great. 

The 4 Most Effective Types of Sales Enablement Content

With proper alignment, the majority of the content your business produces should be helpful in assisting sales. There are however certain types of content that hold more weight, becoming more specific and technical as you position your content for further down the funnel. Case studies, tools, sales decks, and one-sheets are noted as some of the best sales enabling content that can help position your product as the best solution to their problem.

Content marketing groups: 18 Must-join Communities on Facebook, LinkedIn & Slack

Social groups can serve as a powerful secret weapon for marketers. This guide lays out Quuu’s top 18 groups split between Facebook, Linkedin, and Slack that provide everything from relevant how-to article sharing to getting feedback on your own copywriting.