Issue 77: Is Product-led Growth Replacing Sales & Marketing?

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by Cole Heggie on July 24, 2019 - 3 minute read


What is Product-led Growth?

Tech companies like Slack and Airtable are putting product at the center of their growth strategy over traditional sales and marketing approaches, 32 ways to define a home run in content marketing, new evidence proves content surrounding mobile ads has halo effect on performance, and other stories. 

7 Easy Ways to Super Boost Your Newsletter Open Rate

Creating high email engagement rates doesn’t happen overnight. There are, however, some immediate techniques you can apply to boost performance. Personalization, segmentation, mobile optimization, and proper send timing can all make an immediate impact on your engagement rates.

New Evidence Proves Content Surrounding Mobile Ads Has Halo Effect on Performance

Brand Safety and Anti-Fraud firm Integral Ad Science confirms something marketers and advertisers have been aware of for some time now: the environment in which an ad is viewed has a very strong impact on how the ad is perceived. In fact, ads seen in high-quality mobile environments were viewed 74% more favorably than those in low-quality environments. 

How to Write Powerful Advertorials That Sell

In today’s age of banner blindness and increased ad-block use, marketers are using native ad placements like advertorials and sponsored content to help build more authentic connections with their target audiences. There are six critical characteristics of running successful advertorial campaigns. Do you know what they are?

Digital Advertising, Paid Search, and Media Budgets: 5 Killer Stats

Marketers are upping traditional media budgets, consumers are still using voice assistants for routine tasks, retail sales increased last month, brands that entertain on social media are most likely to engage consumers, and paid search is dominating digital advertising. 

5 Examples of B2B Email Marketing Campaigns (That You Should Steal)

Clickback touches on 5 examples of B2B email marketing campaigns that you can apply to your email marketing today, including examples that show how you can help deliver value to your customers, generate new leads, and grow your business further. 

4 Steps to Becoming an Experience Brand

A focus on customer experience was once a helpful differentiator for businesses. Today, emphasizing customer experiences is necessary to compete. Understanding your audience, the customer journey, measuring customer experiences, and building your brand around improving customer experiences is important to creating a frictionless and sustainable flywheel.

Looking for Ways to Define a Home Run in Content Marketing? Here’s 32 of Them.

Marketers often measure the success of their content marketing on common KPIs like engagement and conversions. Speakers from Content Marketing World 2019 shared some not-so-common ways to define the success of your content - including content that “Makes you wish for time travel.” 

The 35 Most Effective Off-Page SEO Techniques (According to 98 SEOs)

These 35 tactics help marketers build domain authority, earn backlinks, and drive more traffic to their websites. For example, conducting outreach, participating in discussions online, addressing unlinked brand mentions, syndicating your content, and creating expert roundups can all help your SEO efforts. 

What is Product-Led Growth?

The Product-Led Collective argues that sales-led and marketing-led growth had their time, but the future of growth begins with the product and pulls from the success of product-focused companies like Airtable, Slack, and Typeform to make their case. Above all, the collective writes that product-led growth is a means to help achieve better team alignment and that by focusing on your product, word-of-mouth promotion will take care of marketing for you.