Issue 99: This Could Be The Next Big Thing For Marketers

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by Melina Panitsidis on January 15, 2020 - 2 minute read

The consumer data privacy paradox continues.

Top takeaways for marketers from this year’s CES, why the data privacy ecosystem needs a serious makeover, WhatsApp to roll out ads, marketing experts share their best advice for 2020, and how to create insightful marketing reports.

CES 2020: Top 3 Takeaways for Marketers

Over 20,000 products were showcased this year at CES. Some hot topics this year included 5G, IoT, connectivity, immersive technology, and data privacy. Here are the key takeaways for marketers and how it will impact them moving forward.

CCPA and the Continued 'Privacy Paradox'

Is it possible for brands to provide personalized customer experiences given the increasing data privacy concerns? Jude McClogan, CEO of Localytics, shares his insights on why the whole data privacy ecosystem needs a makeover beyond the regulations of GDPR and CCPA.

Why WhatsApp Marketing Could Be the Next Big Thing for Digital Marketers

WhatsApp is expanding the different ways marketers can use the platform to reach their consumers. In addition to WhatsApp for Business App and WhatsApp for Business API, the popular chat platform plans to launch ads in the future. The new ads feature positions the platform as the next big thing for marketers.

The Best Marketing Advice For 2020, According to 16 Experts

Marketing is changing rapidly in 2020. What should you be focusing on in the new year? Here are the most important tips and digital marketing trends to take note of in 2020, according to 16 marketing experts.

The Evolution of the Marketing Technologist

Five years ago, martech roles were fairly new. These roles have evolved rapidly since then and the marketing tech landscape has grown seven times bigger since 2014. While the nature of martech is constantly evolving, here is how martech roles have changed in the last five years.

How to Create a Strategic Editorial Calendar

New year, new strategy, new content calendar. If you want to build a strong and effective editorial calendar for 2020 then follow this seven step guide. Some things to keep in mind are who is involved, overall goals, and to always be consistent but flexible.

What To Include in Your Daily Marketing Report

Reporting in marketing is just as important as planning and executing. To present campaign performance in an organized and informative way, use this 16-point checklist. Bonus: this will help your team stay on track and crush your goals!