Issue 83: This Is the Primary Goal For Marketers In 2019

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by Melina Panitsidis on September 4, 2019 - 3 minute read


Brand awareness is at the top of marketers’ priority list this year.

Spotify might be working on a new podcast feature, keeping online and offline conversations separate, relevant marketing stats for the week, and a CMO’s take on failure.

37% Of Marketers Say Top Priority This Year Is Brand Awareness

Brand awareness ranks top priority for marketer’s this year with over a third of them citing it as their main goal for their digital marketing strategy. Altimeter’s 2019 State of Digital Marketing Report dives into other key findings like marketing challenges, needed marketing skills, and how success is measured.

There’s Almost No Correlation Between Online and Offline Consumer Conversations

Engagement Labs analyzed the conversations of about 500 different brands and found that online and offline conversations are mainly separate ecosystems. The study relied on surveys and social media monitoring to evaluate consumer interactions that ultimately found no meaningful correlation between online and offline conversations. These findings suggest that what happens online can’t accurately depict the same picture offline.

Spotify’s Rumored ‘Create A Podcast’ Feature Could Be A Valuable Resource For Marketers

Spotify is making it easier for marketers to capitalize on the growing podcast business. This newly rumored feature comes after the music streaming service acquired Anchor, a podcast creation app. The ‘create a podcast’ button could potentially open doors for marketers looking to explore a new marketing channel without making a huge investment.

Price Inflation, Ad Fraud, Marketing Metrics: 5 Killer Stats To Start Your Week

Marketing Week shares the most important and relevant stats to help you navigate your week. Findings include: price drops due to weak consumer spend and strong competition, Britain having the 14th highest fraud rate in the world, and 1/5th of marketer’s media spend being wasted on bad data.

‘Failure Is a Nightmare Without Reflection’: Zoopla’s CMO On Learning From Mistakes

Failure tends to get a bad rap but Gary Bramall sees things a bit differently. The Zoopla CMO sees failure as a learning experience so long as you take time to learn and reflect on the outcome. Bramall “welcomes” failure with his team by practicing a 70-20-10 model where 70% of the marketing team’s work has a sure outcome, 20% are things the team might have tested in the past, and 10% is dedicated to testing any crazy idea they come up with.

5 Strategic Tips for Marketing Automation

The benefits of marketing automation include saving time, increasing customer engagement, timely communication, and more. Here are five proven strategy tips to help you amplify your marketing automation efforts.

How SEO Will Change in 2020

As new demands and channels surface, our marketing strategies from email to SEO must evolve. The growth of voice search is going to change SEO with half of all online searches being voice-based by 2020. Eric Siu, CEO of digital marketing agency Single Grain, explains how you can best prepare for this shift.

The Best Competitive Ads We've Ever Seen on Google

Competitor targeting is one of the bolder and more powerful strategies Google ads is capable of. Here WordStream dives into what competitor targeting is and the 11 best competitive ads they’ve seen on Google.