Issue 112: How creative is your marketing?

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by Melina Panitsidis on April 15, 2020 - 2 minute read

Make your martech work smarter, not harder.

Search ad spend expected to dip up to 29%, everything you need to know about word of mouth according to the experts, making your martech work smarter for your team, how to demonstrate marketing impact even when performance is low, tips to boost your social media marketing ROI, tools to help you be a more creative marketer, and a guide to managing a remote team.

Search Ad Spending Could Plunge 29% In Q2 As Marketers Turn Taps Off

A forecast from eMarketer suggested search ad spend would increase 14.4% this year but the impact of the global pandemic has marketers pulling their spend. Especially in industries such as travel and entertainment. Q2 ad spend is expected to plunge between 20.2% and 29.4%.

Is Word of Mouth Hard to Track? 107 Experts Give Their Advice

How do you execute word of mouth marketing and track its results? Referral Rock surveyed 107 marketing experts to get their thoughts, tips, and insights on word of mouth. Bonus: find part two of the guide here.

Marketing Teams Are Finding Out What Their Martech Can Do Right Now

Martech is more important than ever with the quick changes companies have had to adapt to in the last few weeks. Having a solid tech stack is essential to help your marketing team navigate these changes. This SVP is focusing on reporting and finding efficiencies within their current marketing tech stack rather than adding more tools to the mix. How are you getting the most from your stack?

How To Demonstrate B2B Digital Marketing Impact When Performance is Down

It’s hard to prove a marketing campaign’s impact when performance is less than ideal. Here are some tips to guide you the next time you find yourself struggling to showcase impact when you’re not reaching your goals. They include things like digging into the fine details, focusing on the quality rather than quantity, and analyzing trends.

Ways to Boost Your Social Media Marketing ROI

Social media is an essential part of the modern marketer’s strategy. Here’s an infographic that shares six simple tips to boost your ROI with social media including setting realistic goals (always, of course), getting the targeting right, and leveraging influencers.

How Creative is Your Marketing?

Marketers are always tasked with getting creative and thinking outside the box. Sometimes, it can be challenging to constantly innovate and dream up new ideas for your marketing strategy. Luckily, these four tools will help inspire and support your creative process.

Leading Distributed: The Remote Guide to Management

If you’re a manager that’s suddenly found themselves managing a remote team, then this guide is for you. Remote leaders are sharing what they know about creating effective management strategies in a remote work environment.