Issue 93: Are You Guilty of These Marketing Mistakes?

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by Melina Panitsidis on November 13, 2019 - 2 minute read

Not all marketing tactics are created equal.

The marketing tactics people love (and hate), the value of customer satisfaction in 2020, the digital marketing mistakes that are costing you conversions, how to advertise to the crypto community, and how to successfully use Quora in your marketing strategy.

The Marketing Tactics People Love (And Love to Hate)

Digital marketing agency, Fractl, shared their findings after surveying over 500 Americans to get their thoughts on different inbound and outbound marketing strategies. According to the survey, the most effective way for a business to attract consumers is to appear in search results while the least effective is being promoted by an influencer.

Optimizing Customer Retention Will Be A Priority In 2020

Keeping customers satisfied is important for keeping them around and driving business growth. Customer retention is predicted to become the new frontier in marketing. Here are six more trends that are predicted to change the way businesses approach customer satisfaction.

Digital Marketing Mistakes That Cost You Conversions

Mistakes are inevitable in a constantly evolving space like digital marketing, but there are some you can avoid with a little planning. Avoid these common mistakes by researching your target audience, setting clear goals, and personalizing the customer experience.

How to Advertise to The Cryptocurrency Community

Crypto enthusiasts are known for their aversion to conventional marketing tactics. But that doesn't mean you should give up on trying to connect with them— here's what you need to know about this audience and how to use contextual advertising networks.

Quora Marketing: ~1 Million Views Generated. Here’s How to Replicate Our Success

Quora has become one of the most popular sites among internet users and a valuable channel for marketers. Since the channel is fairly new, there aren’t many actionable resources for getting started— that’s why Ahrefs created this guide on how they generated one million views using Quora.

How to Build Digital Trust and Ensure Security In 2020

Businesses should make it a priority to establish trust with their customers. This article shares how you can create a secure digital environment for consumers that will ultimately help you build trust.

Social Media Campaign Ideas to Try in 2019

Did you know that almost half of the world population uses social media? Here HubSpot is sharing 25 ideas you can include in your social strategy to take advantage of reaching this large audience.

Digital Marketing Trends You Should Follow

The new year is just around the corner which means it’s out with the old trends and in with the new. Here are some digital marketing trends to watch out for and implement into your strategy.