Issue 114: 40+ SaaS Growth Case Studies 🚀

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by Melina Panitsidis on April 29, 2020 - 2 minute read

The time for trying new things is now.

How companies are pivoting their marketing strategies in light of the pandemic, over 40 growth case studies to keep you busy, a master guide to keyword research from Moz, underrated marketing tactics you shouldn’t ignore, building resilience in marketing, how one company is navigating the current events, and three ways to maximize your at home workspace.

4 Pivots Companies Are Making in Light of COVID-19

How are companies shifting their business focus during the global pandemic? HubSpot’s research with their customers show business leaders are taking four main approaches that include cutting down non-essential costs, budgeting immediate or long-term tactics, focusing on creating positive customer experiences, and practicing empathy above all.

40+ SaaS Growth Case Studies

How many case studies can someone read in a day? We don’t know, but this resource is sure to keep you busy. Here are over 40 SaaS growth case studies to help you learn and inspire your own growth strategy.

The Keyword Research Master Guide

Getting the most from your SEO strategy starts with extensive keyword research. This guide from Moz dives into different keyword research workflows to help you with your keyword strategy. It shares insights on seed keywords, one-page keyword optimization, tracking keyword rankings, and more.

The Most Underrated Online Marketing Tactics

If you’re looking to give your marketing strategy a little makeover, then this guide is for you. Take a break from the usual methods you’ve been using and test these 11 underrated marketing tactics.

8 Ways to Begin Building Marketing Resiliency Now

Marketing teams (and businesses in general) can learn a lot in times of uncertainty. And while it might sound counterintuitive, the time to start building on this new knowledge is now. Here are eight ways to start building a strong and productive marketing ecosystem that will help you navigate uncertainty in the future.

How We’re Navigating the New Now of Content Marketing

If anything, now might be a good time to explore and try something new. This company is getting creative with the current times and experimenting with expanding virtual events, straying from their content calendar, and even re-examining the way their teams work.

Three Ways to Maximize Your Work Station at Home

Set yourself up for remote work success by creating a workspace that suits you and your needs. Here are three ways to upgrade your work station to keep you organized, productive, and motivated.