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Yes! 100,000 Times Yes!

by on June 20, 2013

BuySellAds was launched in a chilly February in 2008, with only one person. We sold ads on just 13 of those first 30 days… five years later, our 100,000th order just came through.

Now there are 21 colleagues to celebrate this milestone!

It took 47 months for our 50,000th order, and it only took an additional 18 months for the next 50,000. Let’s see if we can keep this trend going…

We’ve had over 550,000 individual payment transactions issued to publishers, and over 260,000 individual ads sold. More importantly, there are a whole bunch of satisfied publishers and advertisers that have worked with us along the way.

Our dream was to help publishers concentrate on content, and we’re glad we’ve been able to contribute meaningfully to the online publishing industry.

We can’t thank you enough for working with us.

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