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Issue 101: This Is What Marketers Really Think About Google

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by Melina Panitsidis on January 29, 2020 - 3 minute read

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What marketers really think about Google blocking cookies, top marketing conferences to check out this year, a marketing graph that will help you focus and reach your goals, reaching designers with email advertising, a guide to community marketing, the importance of engagement, and conversational marketing trends.

Marketers Respond to Google Chrome Cookie Decision with Mixture of Hope and Fear

It’s no secret that Google’s announcement to block cookies has caused some panic in the marketing world— but what do marketer’s really think about this change in the industry? Some are optimistic while others are anxious. Check out what these seven marketers had to say about it.

Tap Into First-Party Data in a Post-Third-Party Data World

While we’re still on the topic of Google, all hope isn’t lost just because the cookie is being left behind in the digital world. It’s time for marketers to take advantage of untapped first-party data. One way to do this (surprisingly enough) is through phone calls, which are becoming more important in a consumer’s overall journey.

Marketing Conferences To Check Out In 2020

Not all marketing conferences are created equal. If you’re interested in attending a conference this year, here are 13 you should consider including B2B Marketing Exchange, Incite Marketing Summit, and HawkeFest.

The Marketing Graph You Need to Hit Your Goals

Waterfall charts, according to HubSpot, are marketing graphs “that can show you how an initial value is impacted by intermediate values — either positive or negative — and results in a final value.” This guide dives into the value of these charts, how to read them, and how to create them yourself.

How To Use Email Advertising to Reach Designers

If you’re strategic, email advertising can be a powerful tool in your overall marketing mix. Learn how you can leverage email advertising - one of the most effective targeted advertising techniques - when trying to reach and sell to designers.

Community Marketing: The Full Guide

Community marketing is on the rise as marketers put their best foot forward in gaining back consumer trust that has been damaged over the years. This guide shares everything you need to know about community marketing so you can start building strong relationships with your customers.

Conversational Marketing trends for the New Decade

Another trend on the rise is conversational marketing— and with the increase in popularity of messaging apps, chatbots, and voice search, it won’t be going away any time soon. Six conversational marketing experts share their thoughts and predictions on the trend.

In the World of Marketing, Engagement is the New Black

Your marketing campaign is only as good as the engagement it drives. This CMO shares how to gain insights on engagement and how to tie it into your overall marketing strategy while diving into what has worked for them.

8 Ways Social Media Listening Can Help You Grow Your Business

Social listening requires you to monitor your brand’s social media presence and analyze the information you discover to capitalize on potential interactions. This infographic shares eight ways this tactic can help your business grow.

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