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Issue 96: This is THE Marketing Buzzword Word of the Year

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by Melina Panitsidis on December 11, 2019 - 2 minute read


The ANA has spoken. This year’s marketing word of the year is... personalization 👑

More trends to look out for in the new year, the rapid growth of marketing technology, reaching designers with native advertising, how to build relationships with an influencer marketing strategy, and 115 killer email subject lines.

Marketing Trends in 2020 That You Should Know

What does your 2020 marketing strategy look like? Here are some key trends in areas like AR/VR technology, AI, and social media you should know and incorporate into your strategy to boost growth.

Charts That Will Change Your Perspective Of Marketing Technology

Martech’s rapid growth is predicted to reach $25.1 billion in 2023. Here are ten charts that share marketing technology growth insights and the different ways its contributing to businesses.

How to Reach Designers with Native Advertising

What is native advertising, why has it become so popular, and how can you apply it to improve your marketing funnel when targeting designers? Find out in this guide.

Will Personalization's Role in Marketing Shrink As Challenges Grow?

Personalization is the ANA’s marketing word of the year but a new study from Gartner suggests 80% of marketers will drop personalization efforts by 2025. This prediction has more to do with the difficulties marketers face with implementing personalization like data collection, consumer trust, and browser anti-tracking efforts.

Will The 2020s Be Online Advertising’s Holistic Decade?

Advertising in the new year will have marketers trying to balance relevancy and consumer privacy in an effective and successful way. Here are five ways advertising is moving towards a more holistic approach including the prioritization of smart data over big data and investment in real-time engagement.

How HubSpot Uses Influencer Marketing to Build Authentic Relationships and Reach New Audiences

Influencer marketing has taken the industry by storm with over 70% of businesses linking it to better quality traffic over other sources. Here is how HubSpot uses this marketing tactic to build relationships and connect with new audiences.

The Best Email Subject Lines We’ve Ever Seen

Coming up with a catchy email subject line can be tricky. Here are 115 examples to pull inspiration from for your next email campaign.

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