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ATW 93: The Industry Is Going Mad(Tech) in 2020.

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by Melina Panitsidis on November 7, 2019 - 2 minute read


Repeat after me: more data does not equal better business outcomes.

Three major industry predictions for 2020, why European publishers are forming alliances, Google’s plan to close its advertising ecosystem, how data privacy and data intelligence can coexist, and what’s wrong with display advertising.

What's Next For Ad-Tech?

2019 was the year of reformation for the ad tech industry. As we approach 2020, here are three predictions for what the future holds for the industry that include the demise of brand-safety blacklists, the rise of contextual solutions, and the merging of adtech and martech (MadTech).

To Fight Google and Facebook, European Publishers Try Login Alliances

As browsers continue moving towards an anti-tracking user experience, European publishers are banding together to fight against the tech giants' dominance. Publishers are now working together by creating login alliances which allows users to access multiple sites with one account. So far, these types of alliances have formed in multiple countries including Germany, France, and Switzerland.

Monopoly in the Name of Privacy: How Google Is Slowly Closing Its Advertising Ecosystem

This year, Google announced plans to encrypt DNS data and make it available in the Chrome browser. While the company claims this will help combat hackers, it also suggests that the tech giant is trying to protect its stronghold in search advertising. Google currently accounts for 78% of all search advertising in the US.

Can Data Privacy and Data Intelligence Coexist?

Businesses have access to endless amounts of data today— which has led to problems such as data breaches and regulatory punishment. This article argues that ethical data practices and business intelligence can coexist as long as the industry is willing to adopt a new mindset about how to collect and process this data.

Display Advertising: Shoot the Executioner, Not the Channel

While display advertising has gotten a bad reputation in the ad industry over the years, it still continues to grow as a channel. This suggests that the issues surrounding display have to do with the execution rather than the actual channel. Here are the three big issues with display advertising.

How Facebook Got Here, From The Data Scandals To The Current Impasse On Political Ads

Facebook has been in the spotlight for many controversial issues including privacy, antitrust violations, spreading misinformation, improper data management, and more. This timeline reviews all of the events that have brought the company to where it is today.

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