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ATW 91: It All Started with a Banner Ad 25 Years Ago...

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by Melina Panitsidis on October 24, 2019 - 2 minute read


The web’s very first banner ad turns 25 this month!

Roku is acquiring dataxu, the antitrust investigation into Facebook gets even bigger, the importance of reach and brand safety for B2B advertising, and industry challenges publishers are faced with today.

After 25 Years, Isn't It Time to Stop Hating on the Banner Ad?

The online advertising industry is worth $333 billion today. And it all started with a banner ad, 25 years ago. Advertisers and publishers have been reaping the benefits of banner ads for a long time— but what about the users? This article argues that banner ads actually benefit internet users as well even though they go to great lengths to avoid them.

What Roku’s Acquisition of dataxu Means for Marketers

Roku is set to buy demand-side platform dataxu in a $150 million deal. The acquisition gives Roku better targeting, planning, and buying tools, putting them in a position to attract more advertising dollars. Marketers will now be able to plan and purchase connected TV inventory in one platform.

47 Attorneys General Are Now Part of the Multistate Antitrust Investigation Into Facebook

The ongoing antitrust investigation into Facebook led by New York’s Letita James has now expanded to 47 attorneys general. The investigation originally consisted of nine total attorneys general but more representatives from multiple states have expressed growing concerns over the tech giant’s practices.

Reconciling Reach And Brand Safety In B2B Advertising

Given the nature of the B2B buying process, advertisers are challenged with finding scalable audiences while also keeping an eye on brand safety. If a B2B brand wants to reach their target audience at scale without risking bad ad placement, it’s important for them to implement selective strategies when sharing their message across the web.

Big Tech Is Implementing More Privacy Measures Thanks to Public Scrutiny and a Changing Market

The ad industry is undergoing a privacy makeover due to growing consumer concerns that have changed the way big tech communicates. However, the privacy measures being taken by big tech are making it difficult for advertisers to target their audience without heavily relying on them.

‘The Industry Will Always Find A Way’: Candid Thoughts of European Publishers on the State of Media

Publishers are currently facing a lot of challenges in the ad tech industry. This year at the Digiday Publishing Summit in Budapest, industry executives share some of their struggles including battling for first-party data, the divide between subscription and advertising business models, and operating in a world without cookies.

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