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We’re Partnering with SitePoint to Streamline High-Quality Ad Inventory Sales

by , Director of Sales @ BuySellAdson May 1, 2017

I’m excited to share that BuySellAds and SitePoint have launched an exclusive inventory partnership. BuySellAds will now represent SitePoint across all advertising and media sales.

Our team has worked with SitePoint for several years to design and run performance-driven advertising campaigns. As our relationship grew, it became clear that a deeper partnership would let both of us play to our strengths and focus on our expertise.

SitePoint’s strength comes from publishing the best resources and content to help web designers, developers, and entrepreneurs create incredible things. At BuySellAds, our expertise lies in connecting companies and audiences online through high-quality publisher advertising.

Starting today, SitePoint’s sales and ad ops teams will join BuySellAds. We’re beyond excited to welcome five new colleagues whose expertise will further round out BuySellAds’s unique capabilities in advertising to web creators. Together we’ll create new products and packages that provide more ways for advertisers to run effective, value-driven campaigns.

The SitePoint partnership also expands our already significant inventory of ads that reach web designers and developers. Advertisers planning campaigns through BuySellAds can now access high-quality placements on SitePoint, Carbon Ads, and across influential websites on our Marketplace.

BuySellAds was created with the simple goal of making online advertising less complicated. A lot has changed since then, but our team remains focused on building advertising technology that makes publishers more money and helps advertisers acquire new customers profitably.

BuySellAds’s partnership with SitePoint is another step to building ad tech that strengthens relationships between advertisers and publishers. We’re creating a future of digital advertising that’s transparent, built on direct relationships, holds ads to high quality standards, and ensures a fraud-free environment.

As our partner, SitePoint will benefit from this mission and help us push our goals forward until they become a standard for all online advertising.

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